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ATN Thor HD 384 Review | Smart & Thermal | Hunting Hoop

What is the use of going to hunting without getting any catch? So to have a successful hunting trip, you have to get a proper trade. To become a professional hunter, you have to own scope to help you to target every prey with perfection. With a thermal scope, you can spot and hunt an animal in any time and weather condition. If you like to hunt coyotes, then there are best thermal scopes for coyote hunting. There are kinds of thermal scopes; here you will get the full guide about atn thor hd review.

Review of ATN Thor HD 384 Smart Thermal Riflescope

In this review, you will get information about the rifle scopes with a built-in rangefinder. This rangefinder scope is best thermal scope for night hunters. You can also use this scope for surveillance.

ATN ThOR HD 384 Smart Thermal Riflescope

  • Easy to operate
  • The best protection from water, fog, weight weath
  • Powerful RED/green red Dot
  • Great contrast
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to install

Hunting at night is like solving a mystery. Because you have to deal with super active hogs, pets or predators in the dark night. To solve the mystery, you have to own a thermal vision scope that will help you to see the animals clearly. There will be no problem to spot the prey even it is for or rain.   

The sensor of this scope is 384×288 that makes the image performance super. With this scope, you can detect heat and energy; light is not a matter. You can see clearly for this technology.  

You have to do some calculation while hitting the target. In this scope, there is a ballistic calculator. With this system, you can make the bullet line proper to hit the target properly. You can improve the shot situation by adjusting the impact point.  

There is a smart rangefinder in the scope that is built in. Your long and short range shooting will get improved, and gradually you will turn into an expert hunter.

The zoom system of this scope is smooth. It is a guarantee that you will not miss your target with this zoom option.

 You can keep your hunting experience record saved with the Wi-Fi Streaming, 1080p HD Video Recording & Photos, and Recoil Activated Video (RAV) option. You have to insert an SD memory card to keep your all memories save. You can use the memory card in any device to live your memories.

Main Features

  • Have the best high-quality sensor 384×288.  With this sensor, everything will be clear in the dark night. The sensor works with heat energy, not light.
  • There is a ballistic calculator that allows analyzing the route of your bullet to hit the target. You can adjust the impact point by improving the shot placement.
  • To improve shooting skill, the scope has a built-in smart rangefinder. You can make yourself expert hunter.
  • You can view the target in a zoom option with this scope smoothly.
  • The photos and recording is HD and high resolution, Wi-Fi streaming and Recoil Activated Video. With all these options you can keep your memories live in the memory card to refresh the moments later. You can update the firmware easily. The atn thor video comes in high quality.
  • You will not need any extra tool to calculate the range of your rifle and prey.You will not need any extra tool to calculate the range of your rifle and prey.
  • You will not need any extra tool to calculate the range of your rifle and prey.
  • The battery pack is 20,000 MAh, and this power provides enough power for 22 hours to make your night adventure fruitful.
  • You can use other devices with this battery power.
  • There is a microphone to record your voice.
  • Any application is Wi-Fi compatible.
  • This scope is not fit for every rifle.
  • There should be some improvement in long-range option.

What is the thermal scope?

Once the thermal scope was only used in the battlefield by the military. Because this scope is best for getting a better vision in long range and shots for night time.

Now a day’s hunters use this thermal scope to get the better result in hunting. The scope can also help for wildlife observation and surveillance.

What to look for in a thermal scope?

When you are in search of an affordable thermal scope, you have to make sure that the scope needs two factors like lightweight and compact. They are the essential part of a thermal scope.

When you’re looking for your best thermal scope, you should pay close attention to two factors: compact and lightweight. This can be an essential part of your hunting/shooting gear, so you need to find one that functions extremely well as a spotting scope with magnification and as a thermal imaging device. It’s possible to find a scope with the basic design that still delivers all the functions and controls you need in the field.

The lens the scope has to ensure the focus performance while hunting. The perfect lens will help you to get a close view of your target. A good thermal scope will have a high-performance objective lens focus that will make the thermal image high quality. You will find different types of objective lenses that control focal distance. So you have to know some information about scope lenses. If you are a deer hunter, you will need specific power lenses and for bird shooting different one.

Difference between Thermal Imaging and Night Vision:

If you are a night time hunting lover, then you have to look for a vision scope that helps you to hunt in low light condition. There is an option of two types, one is a thermal imaging device, and the other one is night vision. Now you have to know your eyes performance at night.

We know our eye is sensitive to light, but different eye has different sensitivity. With a night vision scope, you will see things without color as it can give colors to the object if the light is available.

With thermal vision, you can spot the target on the basis of the surrounding temperature and the target’s body temperature. You will see the in shade color.

So you can tell, with night vision scope, you can’t see without any light. It is not good for hunting at night time. And the thermal scope doesn’t care about the light. They only work with the temperature of the surroundings and the target. You will get a good image of your target if the thermal is good. Make sure to check it.


To make hunting memorable and successful, hunting with atn scope is recommended.  This scope is now one of the best thermal imaging scopes in the market. If you are still confused then go through this atn night vision scope review, you will get enough information. You will not experience any disappointing hunting tours if you get this scope, it is worth it.

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