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Atn X-Sight II Review – Why You Should Buy It Or Not! Updated 2021

At present days anyone, who shoots, has the accessibility to the night vision scopes. Any shooter can use this high standard technology that military use who can afford the conventional optics. Night vision scopes are now a common practice that has potential significance over the field of hunting. It opens up the pave way for you to do a great hunting even in the darkest hours.

There are so many night vision scopes are available in the gun stores and sports accessories shops. We bring in this article one of the best night vision scope- ATN X-Sight ii review for you.

ATN is the American optics brand familiar for the technical novelty of its products in recent years. Among which they include an atn x sight 2 review on optic X-Sight ii HD viewer. ATN manufacturer is happy to present the latest device of the X-sight series, the ATN X-Sight II. That puts it at the service of the hunter and incorporates the newest technology. It has been a total success with more than 25,000 units sold during the weekend of the Shot Show in the United States and started its commercialization. The ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope has renewed the market, and as far as we are interested review in ATN X Sight ii.

Here, in this ATN night vision scope review, We’ll discuss about the amazing features, specifications along with the pros and cons to help you determine whether you should buy it or not!

ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

  • You will get clear images, day or night.
  • Recoil Activated Video (RAV) allows you to record all your victories.
  • Smart Range Finder – identifies the range to your target with two clicks.
  • At 1000 yards field view is 240 ft

What Is The ATN X-Sight II HD Rifle Scope

The ATN X-sight rifle scope is one of the best night vision scopes of the latest era with smart HD optics. With its new rebellious ATN Obsidian Core, provides perfect clarity in the day as well as night. This rifle scope is dominance by the Obsidian ll Core that is an extremely specialized computer that is engineered to run a series of sensors and grind huge files in a wink of an eye.  In the ATN X-Sight ii review, we are going to unrevealed more of this best atn night vision for hunting.

What IS Interesting About This Product

In this ATN night vision scope review, we focus to highlight the special and interesting features of this high-standard scope. It has HD micro-display that allows you to make shots from distance which was earlier impossible with a digital scope. By applying the high-resolution sensor with specific night version competence, this is the first ever digital scope that runs the Day/Night riffle optics into accurate potent.

All the greatest functions and features of the original X-sight make the ATN X-sight 2. It comes with an Altitude, Velocity, Wi-Fi, Geotag, E-Compass, and GPS, Video Record/image. It also has enhanced 1080p full HD sensor and Day/Night Use and many latest updates technology. Therefore, the scope is still easy to use. The new ATN X-sight is able of extending up to 20 times its target. All without sacrificing the capability to zoom this is a regular increase. Nobody can deny the new revolutionary ATN Obsidian Core technology. The hunters were disinclined in the hunting sector. The distances meters or trap cameras are part of the most general tools among national hunters. Now it seems that everything was invented digital technology arrives at viewers, telescopes, and binoculars.

This viewfinder is not only able to bring an image to hundreds of meters it also offers us the controlling parameters opportunity. This is such as such as wind speed, temperature, or geographical position through GPS. The parameters taken into account by the X-Sight HD viewer III will permit you to calculate the departure of the bullet and tell us the adjustment. Once we have calibrated it with the objective would be successful even if the target moved. At the same time, it has an option to record continuously for a few seconds and start saving the recording once the shot is made.

The X-Sight HD viewer is a product presents a portfolio of digital, night and thermal devices in different formats binoculars, monoculars, telescopes, and viewers. All of them also allocate an interface that allows you to control any of them even from your Tablet or Smartphone. This will allow you to have different products. It handles them completely to have an equal menu, or to grow in its products range towards the most complicated without finding the smallest amount of difficulty in its handling.

Main Features

The ATN night vision scope reviews, come along with the immense offering features of this best scope for hunting. They are mentioned below-

The capability of Video Mode

The ATN X-Sight scope is capable of making records and turnout an image of 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps full HD resolution.


This optical system is far away different from the traditional ones. The unique function that provides flexibility at operation is the electronic zoom option.

Geotagging Option

Everywhere you go, now you can see it on an interactive map by recording and tracking. It has made the geotagging option more seamless.

Powered By Obsidian Core 

As it has functioned with the high categorized computer the Obsidian Core, it allows running a series of sensors and processes a big file very rapidly.

High Resolution

The ATN X-Sight 2-12 Smart Riflescope offers the feature of HD lenses, HD displays and also HD sensors to provide you with a complete HD resolution supportive system.

User-friendly Calculator

You do not have to worry about those antagonistic charts, complicated reticules and calculating. The user just needs to range in with the Smart Range Finder and then enter the wind readings and the rest is up to the Obsidian Core.   When you change your incline position, fix the distance and spontaneously the point of force will change to provide an accurate shot each time.

The Ability Of RAV function

The best thermal scope has the RAV or Recoil Activated Video that captures everything that the scope sees. It means you can have a complete video from the trigger pulling to the shot taking, what you saw by simply setting the video mode on RAV.

Easy To set Profile

This affordable scope has an easy profile set up a system. You do not need to reset everything before going to the X-sight. You can make a new profile before you plan to for hunting

Intelligent Range Finder

Its intelligent rangefinder makes hunting easier just two clicks and a little change to the scope.

Smooth Zoom 

This optic provides you with the facility of clear near-end personal and anything you look with its smooth zoom option.

Why This ATN Scope Is Best for

  • ATN Obsidian Core: This new microprocessor makes this look has a very quick and agile operation.
  • Administrator of profiles: You can organize the sight for numerous weapons and users. This allows you to alter the sight from one weapon to another and maintain the calibration.
  • Smart trigger solution: It accurate the drop of the projectile to create shots at different distances
  • Connectivity: Wifi allows you to connect the view to a smartphone or tablet. Thus, see slightly what you are focusing on. Bluetooth allows wirelessly connecting a laser distance meter
  • Look of day and night use HD day and HD night and Video and Full HD Photos
  • Measuring distance to the intelligent target
  • Video recording activated by the recoil of the weapon (RAV)
  • Their new and practical ATN night vision scope reviews is the X-sight 3 has its Recoil Activated Video.
  • This function automatically records the before and after shooting, recording the complete hunt as best thermal scope for hunting without having to worry about pressing keys.
  • It has an integrated smart rangefinder and the new intelligent ATN shooting solution.
  • The RAV permits the user to keep in mind or forget and to start the recording when they must center on point and shoot.
  • The intelligent shooting solution and the intelligent rangefinder unite to create the ATN X-sight III the easiest to target and shoot, the management and compensation calculation.
  • The adjustments let the shooter to identify how far his objective is and in this way, the sight compensates the route bullet.
  • Firmware promote is simple. Once the display position 100% you can remove the battery cap to restart or shut down.
  • Easy to use and smart in nature.
  • Affordable in price and flexible in the field.
  • Able to make shots from distance.
  • Intelligent sensor capacity for tough night vision hunting.
  • Usable for both at day and night.
  • Easier Geotagging option.
  • You may find the best thermal scope for hunting comparably heavy than others.
  • Shuts off due to recoil is not associate for all the tightened battery cap.

Why IS The Product Worth Considering?

Despite being heavy, this affordable thermal scope offers you with a hundred great things. Now hunting has been easier and interesting with this. For a distance range shot in night vision with geotagging facility and RAV option-  which makes hunting in a maximum perfect way. If you want to experience the upgraded intelligent HD scopes then come to see the revolutionary ATN X-Sight weapon scope.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get manual focus?

Yes, you will get an Adjustable Diopter to attain optimal sharpness for your image.

Is it ideal for all day and night riflescope?

Yes, this riflescope is suitable for both day and night.

What Can I use CR123 or AA batteries in this scope?

It needs both. You can use scope AA batteries and lithium (1.7 volts only) but you cannot use RCR123 in this scope.

Is it waterproof or not?

Yes, this ATN X-sight 3 is Water resistant.


That’s it for my review. Just think about the ATN X Sight review and its advantages. This scope will protect of preserves and hunting organizers, we could fill a good leaves handful. The ATN X-sight III has a profile manager for different users and their weapons allow you to change the sight from one weapon to another without having to regulate it. Through our ATN X-Sight review, you already have got a primary concept of this supreme weapon scope. Undoubtedly it is one of the best hunting concepts of the 21st century.

If you want an easy and effective affordable thermal scope to use, prefer the affordable thermal scope ATN X-sight III. Let us know what you think of this amazing sight!

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