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Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Reviews | Hunting Hoop

Bear Archery is a company that was founded in 1933 by Fred Bear, a Bowhunter’s Hall of Fame.  Since then, the company has built a solid reputation for making quality bows for many generations.

The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is another great compound bow made for all ages in different skill levels.  It’s a lightweight bow weighing just only 4.6 lbs making it easy to carry.  Built with maximum versatility, it can be adjusted from 12” to 30” in draw length range and from 5 to 70 lbs. peak draw weight.  Bear Archery Cruzer G2 review shows its all adjustments can be made using only an Allen wrench with no need for a bow press.

This is a great bow for those who are just starting, or new to archery.  It’s good for kids with its adjustable draw length and weight adjustment.  As they grow stronger and develop their skills, this bow can adjust to their level, making it a very versatile piece of equipment.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Reviews

  • 12-30” draw length range
  • 50-70 lbs. peak draw weight
  • Bear Archery Cruzer g2 rth compound bow package
  • Shoots arrows up to 315 feet per second (fps)
  • Advanced grip design for enhanced accuracy

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Review to Help You Shoot Better

Draw length

To calculate your draw length, measure your wingspan from the tip of your fingers on one hand to the tip of the fingers on the other.  Divide it by 2.5 and it will roughly give you what your draw length is.  It will vary a bit depending on where and how you anchor the bow, but that will get you close.

Remember that as you decrease the draw length of the Bear Archery Cruzer g2 rth, the draw weight decreases as well. So this means that if you’re a 24” inch draw length archer and you think you can shoot this bow at 70 lbs. that is not gonna happen.  The highest weight you’re gonna get is at around 62 lbs.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow Recived Well

Value For Money

Yes, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 adult compound bow is an economical bow that is a great way to introduce young people to archery.  If you have a 7-year old kid that you want to get started with archery, this is a bow you should seriously consider.

With its incredible adjustability range, you are looking at a 10-year investment before he outgrows it and transitions to a higher range bow.  And once your child turns 17 and is done with the G2, barring any mishap with the bow, you can set it up again and give it to a nephew or a niece.  So you can imagine the durability and value for money this bow brings to the table.

Target Practice With Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

Complete Package

The Bear Archery Cruzer g2 rth compound bow package reviews show it’s a complete package bow, and the only thing you need is a release and arrows and you can take it for archery practice or hunting.  Out of the box, it needs very little tuning or none at all.

Another advantage for the G2 is its double yolk design which makes it easy for cam lean adjustment.  Just add or remove a twist on one side.

Some people think that a stabilizer is important but some think it’s not an absolute necessity and more of a personal preference.  Some think it dampens sound and vibration but in reality, they don’t really do a whole lot.

It might do a little but you may not even really feel it.  A lot of times the stabilizer comes in helpful or handy if it’s adding weight to help the archer hold the bow steady.

The Bear Cruzer G2 does come with a stabilizer and a handy wrist sling.  If you’re the type who doesn’t think a stabilizer is a necessity, you have the option not to install it.  But it does look good and adds to the overall appeal of the bow.

Target Practice Results With Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow


The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is a versatile bow.  It’s great for shooting arrows and for target practice.  But if you do decide to use it for hunting, it’s a great addition to your arsenal.  It can get the draw weight high enough to meet the legal standards which in some states in the USA is around 35-40 lbs.

It has enough power to take down big game animals.  If you do decide to use it as your main hunting bow, you’ve made a good decision.

Its advanced grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy making.  This only means once you’ve set your sight on a target, it’s almost impossible not to hit it.  Pair it with a fixed blade broadhead to get better penetration.

I hunted a Deer With Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow
  • Very easy to adjust draw length
  • Very easy to adjust draw weight
  • Complete package you just need a trigger release & arrows
  • Incredible adjustability range
  • Double yoke system for easy cam lean adjustment
  • Very economical way to introduce kids to archery
  • Versatile piece of equipment
  • Great camouflage for hunting with many colors to choose from
  • Great for hunting
  • Peak draw weight drops as draw length decreases


I am left-handed, is there a Bear Cruzer G2 also for left-handed or is it only for right-handed people?

Yes, there is a G2 for left-handed so you should choose it.

Does it come with the draw length and draw weight at maximum?  If not is it easy to adjust?

It may not come at the maximum draw length but it’s very easy to adjust with an Allen wrench.  All adjustments are found on the cam, and it also comes with a full sheet of instructions.

Should I put this bow on a press to adjust the draw weight?

There’s no need, just follow the instructions on how to adjust the draw weight and the draw length.


The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is a complete package and all you need to do is get a trigger release and arrows, and you’re good to go.  This is a mid-range bow that is durable and very versatile.   Designed to last for years, this is a good bow to introduce to young people who are interested in archery.  This bow will be enjoyed whether you’re 7 or 77 years old.

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