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Best 6.5 Creedmoor Muzzle Brake | Recommendations | Hunting Hoop

Shooting is a passion for some and a profession for others; it can put food on the table, win prizes, or pass the time as a hobby. For silent and practical hunting, your guns need a functional muzzle brake. Modern weapons have a robust build, but to enhance their functionality, you need some tools. 

The use of firearms comes with a few strings attached. A quality muzzle brake can loosen the lines for you and reduce recoil. It will make your guns safer and easier to use. In this guide, we’re covering the best 6.5 Creedmoor muzzle brake so that you can choose the ideal one for your gun. Happy reading!


The VG6 Gamma muzzle brake is not a simple accessory. It combines a muzzle brake with a compensator and reduces the felt recoil and muzzle flip altogether. These features will improve your shots and have a fast follow-up. This alloy makes it naturally durable, rust-free, and corrosion-proof compared to steel commonly used in other muzzles. 

The product will give you two options between beat blasting and black nitride for the finish. Both of the coatings further enhance the corrosion and rust resistance of the device. This muzzle brake arrives with a crush washer, which is beneficial while using. However, it’s not the best quality, so you may need to purchase a new one separately. 

This muzzle brake has the capacity of providing lesser recoil when compared to a .308 Winchester. You’ll get excellent quality for the price you pay, especially when compared to its competitors. Moreover, the recoil reduction is exceptional and hard to argue for the price value. 

This is an excellent budget option for both beginners and professionals, acting as the perfect middle ground. 

The VG6 is a firm choice for a muzzle brake with a combination of the compensator. The materials used in making the device are durable and corrosion-resistant. The VG6 is very capable of reducing recoil and the muzzle flip of the rifle. It’s an ideal pick for beginners as well as It will ease the practice and make the learning of this skill easy.

  • Creates an exceptional reduction in the recoil with a lower kick-back
  • This brake is an affordable option available on the market.
  • It offers you great features for the price-point, and quality is not compromised.
  • It’s the right mix and a hybrid between a muzzle brake and the compensator. Therefore, you will get a reduced muzzle flip as well.
  • Durable construction with resistance for rust and corrosion
  • The crush washer is not of the best quality. In the future, there might be a need to buy a new one.

How To Install VG6- Precision Muzzle Brake


The precision armament M11 is a heavy-duty muzzle brake specifically built to reduce recoil and keep it free from debris and dust. This product is excellent for tactical use and features a very sturdy build quality. Its mechanisms allow the redirection of gas created by the bullet fired by pushing the gas sideways and upwards, helping to reduce the recoil to a great extent. 

The M11 will enhance your Creedmoor’s performance, making it silent, higher recoil-proof, and sturdy. Plus, this product has a unique system as it can reduce the recoil and the muzzle flip all at once, similar to Precision Gamma VG6. This product is an excellent buy in the price-range it comes, offering you unmatched features with high-quality exteriors. 

The product assures that all elements settle perfectly. It’s built with high–tolerance class three threads that are machined similar to the bore-aperture. The device’s entire buildup is 400 series high-grade stainless steel offering complete safety against corrosion and rust. The product comes in two finishes that are black and white, to provide a few options.

The wrench flats at the base and the top allow the correct installation with ease as well. One point that is noticeable here is that M11 arrives without the crush washers. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase them separately. The M11 is heavy-duty and a reliable option that helps reduce the muzzle flip and recoil in the Creedmoor. The product is also very user-friendly and incredibly straightforward to install.

  • The product is highly durable as it utilizes suitable quality materials.
  • It’s designed for tactical usage.
  • The installation is relatively easy, and the product is user-friendly.
  • You will get the dual benefit that is a reduced recoil and muzzle flip.
  • The overall build of the product is rigid and sturdy with 400 series SS.
  • It’s rust, heat, and corrosion-proof.
  • It’s available in two finishes, black and white.
  • The crush washers are absent in the product, and you will have to buy them separately.
  • The application is not very easy.

How To Install Precision Armament M11 Muzzle Brake



The VAIS is an exceptional muzzle brake that utilizes a particular hole system. This system is referred to as an expansion chamber & allows the brake’s dispersion of gas sideways, further limiting the muzzle rise and recoil. At the same time, it prevents the increase of muzzle blast. This product will likely last for the gun’s lifespan it’s placed on due to its incredibly strong build. 

The material will remain unaffected by harsh conditions, no matter what it faces. The expansion chambers head to the central line of the bore, which is designed horizontal and perpendicular. This kind of design ensures equal dispersion of the gas along the side. The VAIS is durable and built from high-quality stainless steel. 

It also arrives with a matte or parkerized finish. Plus, the stainless steel combined parkerized finish turns out as an excellent combination for kicking out rust and corrosion. Parkerizing refers to a coating process on the steel to safeguard it from corrosion and rust. The worst point about this muzzle brake is that it’s quite expensive, but It’s entirely worth the money. 

The product is one of the best rust-resistant, corrosion-proof, reliable, and effective brakes you can buy today. The VAIS belongs to a premium category and is an ideal choice for the 6.5 Creedmoor muzzle brake. This product finds a place in our guide because It’s value for money!

  • It comes with a sturdy and robust construction with stainless steel (SS) and the choice of two finishes.
  • It offers you a good quality recoil reduction for the price-point.
  • It’s perfect for professional shooters.
  • It’s corrosion and rust-resistant.
  • The expansion chambers perform excellently well with gas dispersion.
  • The price of the brake is on the higher side but surely worth the money.

How To Install VAIS – for 6.5 MM Muzzle Brake


The Hypertap muzzle brake by precision armament is a true example of a fine-gun accessory. It’s built intelligently with computer-propelled engineering and advanced technology. This muzzle brake is proven to provide industry–leading results, ideal for 6.5 Creedmoor shooters. 

It’s excellent in reducing the kick-back and allows you to reach a maximum of 78% of the recoil decrease. If you love your firearms, go for the Precision Armament-Hyper Tap muzzle brake. Its engineering is done with the largest bore-clearance to ensure maximum safety, accuracy, and comfort

If you’re looking to make your rifle more reliable, then this is the muzzle brake you need! The product allows you to reduce side picture movement. It’s innovative and comes with a different universal-timing nut while eliminating the need for a crush washer.

  • It has a very high recoil reduction capacity, believed to be the highest in the industry.
  • The product is hundred percent made in America.
  • It comes with an exclusive design for the baffle.
  • It offers a very minimal picture–movement reduction.
  • It comes with lightweight spanner-tools, which are two in number.
  • The product is quite noisy during installation.

How To Install Hypertap Muzzle Brake


Lambda PRS

The LAMBDA PRS65 comes with a unique design and is highly effective in reducing recoil. The engineering includes four-chamber and innovative installation technology. Moreover, you won’t need any tools to install the device as it’s simple to apply using the included jam-nut. It works in complete synchronization with baffles and can tighten on its own against the cylinder with every shot! 

The incredible build allows the muzzle brake to become much safer and anti-slip during use. Plus, the product is built with high-quality stainless steel. It undergoes extensive heat treatment, enhancing the muzzle brake’s endurance, making it an excellent choice for inexperienced shooters

You will have a few options to choose from to match it perfectly with your 6.5 Creedmoor. You can go for an all-black brake or choose the bead-blasted SS option. The LAMBDA PRS65 is a brilliant choice and durable as it uses high-quality materials. The product is worth your buy as the quality is exceptional.

  • The product offers you hassle-free, tool-free installation. The jam-nut technology makes it very easy to use.
  • It arrives with a hundred percent CNC – machine for high-performance.
  • It provides a remarkable reduction in the recoil.
  • The building and application are safe and comfortable using the jam nut.
  • The product is not cost-effective, and some people might find it on the expensive side.

Lambda PRS Installation Instructions


If you’re looking for a classic and quality muzzle brake, then the Gentry Custom is one of the greatest out there, making it a great buy, as they manufacture exceptional caliber brakes. They’re quiet and highly effective in reducing the recoil. The Gentry Custom’s LLC Quiet Muzzle Brake is very precise making it a valuable target shooter. 

It comes in a consumer-friendly seamless installation design and allows you to apply it with ease at the mouth of your 6.5 Creedmoor barrel. You also get various options to choose from, like matte blue, polished-shiny blue, or SS (stainless steel) premium finish. 

This product is an attractive option for shooters and adept hunters, allowing you to gain precision and improve the skill with every use. 

You get the ultimate control over the settings, making it very customizable. This muzzle brake is an ideal choice for beginners and for individuals who love their arms. The winning design and color options will allow you to do the facelift of your firearms and enjoy every bit of the game.

  • It has an exceptional power of reducing the recoil to the extent of 85%.
  • It provides quite a low-velocity.
  • It’s born and bred in the USA
  • Excellent product to use for target practice and effectively works with numerous guns
  • At times this brake might be more comprehensive than your gun barrel.

How To Install Gentry Custom Muzzle Brake


You can pretty easily improve the performance of your gun by using a high-quality muzzle brake. The right and good-quality muzzle is the quickest way of reducing the recoil of your 6.5Creedmoor. It will help you improve your shooting performance overnight. Now that you’ve learned of a few great muzzles, buy one today to improve your shooting experience and take your shooting game to the next level!

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