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6 Best Base Layers For Cold Weather | Stay Warm & Comfortable

Winter can make you lazy and inactive due to inadequate clothing, and we don’t blame you. Maintaining the proper body temperature will help you reverse the lazy winter influence and get your energy back. When your body temperature is normal, you feel good, making it much easier to carry out your tasks with comfort. The foundational layers are useful in cold weather, allowing you to be warm and work strong!

We are introducing the six best base layers for cold weather; let’s dive in!

  1. Thermajohn Ultra Soft Men’s Thermal Underwear
  2. MERIWOOL Base Layer | Merino Wool Men’s Midweight Long-sleeve Thermal Shirt
  3. MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer 100% Merino Wool Thermal Pants
  4. LAPASA Heavyweight Men’s Thermal Baselayer set
  5. SITKA-Gear-Merino men’s Half-zipped base layer
  6. Heated Thermal base layer suit Unisex with 4000mAh battery

1. Thermajohn Ultra Soft Men’s Thermal Underwear

The Thermajohn is an excellent midweight set for cold weather. It’s a polyester mix with spandex and is lightweight, which results in a relaxed fit and keeps the entire body warm, unlike other base layers, which are heavy and thick. A warm and free body-move base layer is the best for hunting, as you need to have plenty of flexibility. 

It would be best if you always have the free movement to arrest your target. Don’t think much about loading your body with multiple sweaters and jackets. Invest in a good base layer that is thermal and keeps you warm. The quality of being lightweight is impressive. 

Apart from its weight, you can easily add the extra layer for full insulation from cold. This set is made from moisture-wicking fabric and maintains the body temperature. You can quickly wear it under any dress, costume, or hunting suit. 

Thermajohn Ultra Soft Men's Thermal Underwear Test

It will keep the heat packed inside, and you will be more comfortable even if you wear waterproof clothes over it. It’s successful in avoiding sweat buildup and allows you to wear cotton clothes over it. Get the freedom of movement and keep the body warm with this stunning base layer set from Thermajohn. The set is affordable and total value for money.

  • The product is lightweight and very effective in keeping the body warm.
  • The good moisture-wicking quality makes it fit for all kinds of cool weather. 
  • It gives you a loose fit hence, more room for free movement of the body.
  • It’s an ideal choice for chilled weather as it’s budget-friendly.
  • It’s not fit for use in icy cold weather or minus temperatures.
  • The product doesn’t offer insulation.

2. MERIWOOL Base Layer | Merino Wool Men’s Midweight Long-sleeve Thermal Shirt

The Meriwool is made entirely of merino wool and is perfect for wearing in cold weather. A midweight hunting base layer and material makes it lightweight and very warm. The name suggests ‘wool,’ so you may think it’s thick and itchy, but this is not the case, it’s not irritating to the skin as this thermal shirt is supple-soft & itch-free. 

You’ll get the full benefits of the wool without the cons that come with thread. Stay warm and feel the insulation with Meriwool Thermal Base Layer. The wool thermal by Meriwool is pure Merino wool-based, so the material is relatively comfortable. 

It’s also very breathable with incredible moisture-wicking qualities while being feather-light and very thin. 

Merino Wool Men's Midweight Long-sleeve Thermal Shirt

The warmth the layer will provide is exceptional, allowing you to bear chilled temperatures on those freezing early mornings at the crack of dawn. The thermal shirt comes with a sweat-absorbing and odorless framing, which is an important feature to have. This base layering is a good buy in the price range it comes for.

  • It’s one of the warmest base layers available currently.
  • The fabric is skinny and breathable, shielding you from the cold effectively and not letting you sweat or release a foul odor.
  • It comes with odor prevention technology and ensures you remain fresh-smelling and robust.
  • You can even use it as a middle layer as it works well as an insulation shell.
  • You will need to buy a larger size as it mostly runs small.

3. MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer 100% Merino Wool Thermal Pants

While executing outdoor activities such as hunting and photography, our lower body is prone to more infliction. Generally, insect bites occur at the legs, so these pants will help avoid this. Plus, the shoes and below the knee area gets wet due to numerous reasons. 

For example, you might have to wander on damp land, walk into the water and cross a pond. The body starts to lose heat quickly, and the temperature goes down quicker. The Meriwool thermal pants do allow you to beat the cold. 

The pants will help you remain safe and warm, as they are made of top-quality fabric and are one of the best hunting base pants. The product will trap all the heat and keep you up warm for long. 

Merino Wool Thermal Pants Test

These pants avoid sweat and bad-odors. They are ideal for hunting and other extreme activities. The thermal trouser will help you become productive and dynamic. Enhance your hunting experience with this ultimate product.

  • It’s light, breathable, moisture-repelling, and prevents odor.
  • The fabric is crafted to keep the dampness away and maintains dryness.
  • It will help you regulate the temperature of the body.
  • It’s loose and comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • You can use it as a mid-layer as well.
  • The price of this product is on the higher side.

4. LAPASA Heavyweight Men’s Thermal Baselayer set

The Lapasa base layer is ideal for any adventure in the cold. The suIt’s bulky in weight, offering complete insulation. The fleece-lining on a base-layer set is perfect for the cool to chilled weather. People who have to plan a long day should always consider this set. 

The material is ninety-five percent polyester and spandex, making it a flexible, comfortable, and heated base-layer. Its fabric is airy, moisture repelling, and hot. It helps stay away from excessive heat and sweat and maintains a naturally warm temperature of the body. 

LAPASA Heavyweight Men's Thermal Baselayer set test

You can wear it anywhere, not only for hunting or outdoor activities but also for everyday use. The set is comfortable enough, and you can watch the TV, cook, and even lay on the couch wearing it!

  • The set is quite comfortable, and you can wear it for an extended time without any difficulty.
  • It’s well-suited for cold weather.
  • The product has size issues. It’s advisable to pick a size bigger than you usually buy as the arms run short.

5. SITKA-Gear-Merino men’s Half-zipped base layer

The SITKA Gear is one of the best base layers you can get today. It’s fit for cold weather and intense outdoor adventures. Therefore, it’s a half-zipped base layer capable of working as a middle layer, offering tight fit and comfort. 

The engineering of this garment is dynamic, and the design gives you more precise moments. It’s light and will make you feel like it’s your skin. It’s the choice for many professional hunters, and that’s why it has occupied the space in our guide.

It’s heavy Marino wool and weighs around 260 gram/m². It’s a wool blend (59%, Marino wool blend with 6% of nylon core-spun, and the rest 35% is polyester). The fleece layer is polyester and touches your skin softly. 

SITKA-Gear-Merino men's Half-zipped base layer Test

You will feel like the fabric is hugging well with warmth. The quality is heart-warming and will help you stay focused on your work by keeping you warm. The polygiene smell control helps prevent foul odors and stops bacterial growth. Yes, this new technology is fabulous, and you will stay fresh during hunting, hiking, and trekking.

  • The product is built for cool to chilled, extreme temperatures.
  • It’s comfortable & soft and maintains warmth.
  • It comes with four camo options for you to choose from.
  • The odor-proof technology is incredible and allows you to stay fresh for long.
  • Unlike other base layers, It’s breathable.
  • The performance fIt’s fine, but you have to select the chart’s correct size, which is quite confusing.
  • It will become too heavy if you put on a few sweaters over it.
  • It’s an ideal investment, but the price is too much.

6. Heated Thermal base layer suit Unisex with 4000mAh battery

The chilly weather puts a stop to many outdoor activities. Even daily fitness routines like running and jogging come to an end when it’s cold outside. But it will not happen anymore with the ultimate J JINPEI heavyweight heating base layer, as it will supply you with heat even if it’s freezing outside

It has the power to keep you away from the intense chills! We cannot skip this suit because It’s an innovative product and will make you ready for an icy adventure. The J Jinpei heated set will keep you mildly warm in the minus temperatures. 

It works well for 3.5-6 hours on a single charge. You can adjust it to low, medium, and high heat settings. This product is safe and hassle-free to use as well. It comes with two batteries, six carbon-fiber strands are spread through its sections. 

It starts the work as quickly as 15 mins of operation. You can charge the full battery in nearly 3 hours. If you want to hunt in ten to min twenty degrees Fahrenheit, this is an excellent investment to make. Bear the weather with grace and catch your prey without shivering with this heated base layer.

  • It gives you heat as required with various temperature settings.
  • It’s one of the warmest and unique base layer options.
  • The product comes with a full-year warranty.
  • The suIt’s too heavy in weight, and you would not want to wear it in light winters.


Winters can be brutal if you don’t wear the right clothing. Especially for people who do outdoor adventures, handling the cold becomes challenging. For example- a hunter has to spend most of his time in the wild waiting for the prey. 

In cold weather, he or she cannot perform to the best of their capabilities. Wearing reliable thermal wear is essential to remain warm, focus better and work well. The best way to avoid feeling cold is not by wearing heavy jackets. 

Layering outside with coats and puffer jackets makes you bulky and restricts the freedom of movement. But a good set of base layers will do the job, and you will not end up feeling a tonne heavier.  We have spent adequate time researching and writing the best base layers for cold weather. We hope this read helps you in purchasing the right product.

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