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Best Bowhunting Gloves | With Screen Touch | Hunting Hoop

Many hunters use a bow and arrow for hunting animals. It’s a little more subdued and challenging. If you want the best bow hunting experience, you’ll need a pair of suitable bow hunting gloves. Bowhunters have to remain adjacent to the target for a clean shot. 

Silence and comprehensive camouflaging in the environment ensure that you’ll have a better hunting experience as bow hunting gloves conceal the hands and give you better control. 

If you’re searching for suitable bowhunting gloves, take a look at our guide, as we have covered the best bowhunting gloves available on the market!

1: ScentLok Full-Season Bow and Release Glove

The ScentLok Full-Season bowhunting gloves are exceptional and an ideal choice as the mid-weight option. People generally go for early and mid-seasons for bowhunting. This pair of gloves comes with a patented carbon–alloy technology that uses activated carbon with a mixture of zeolite blend in the material, successfully controlling any odor and sweat. 

It’s made with engineering in mind and has an excellent camouflaging capacity. The gloves are made with high-quality materials and use microfleece blended with polyester on the outside. 

The material is excellent and airy and provides insulation, keeping your hands warm while maintaining flexibility. It also comes with a decent amount of dexterity and fitting to give you the freedom while aiming and taking the big shot. 

Additionally, the bow-release opening aids the shooting process. It features a small cutout at the palm’s bottom, which allows you to release through it; the rest of it will stay tucked neatly under the gloves’ curves. The palms are silicon-surfaced, which will give you an improved grip. 

ScentLok Full-Season Bow and Release Glove

Plus, the product is DWR treated, which means you will get a sufficient water-repelling quality with an extra layer of protection. However, this particular set of gloves is not for hunters using recurve or traditional bow as there is no reinforcement on the fingers. 

This set of gloves is smart and comes with touch-tech tips on the fingers, which helps you use a smartphone or other touchscreen devices. The quality of these gloves is excellent, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

  • The product is high-quality and durable.
  • It comes with powerful odor-preventing technology.
  • The materials of the gloves make them moisture repellent and waterproof.
  • It has layered silicon palms that provide a better grip.
  • You will get an option of two-camouflage patterns while purchasing.
  • The gloves come with a bow-release opening.
  • The touch tech-fingertips do not always work.
  • The thumb insertion in the glove is comparatively small.
  • The product is expensive.
  • It is not for the traditional or old-fashioned bows.

2: Sitka Men’s Whitetail Optifade-Elevated II Hunting Gloves

The Sitka is a well-known and old brand famous for its winter products and hunting gears. The hunting gloves offered to you by this brand are one the most durable pieces on the market. You can wear them for hunting in the early to middle-season. The product has some great features that make it stand out. 

The gloves are made for agility and will prove useful if you need weather protection and warmth. They are slim and can be easily paired with large mittens or other kinds of rugged weather gloves to increase the weather elements’ safety. The product is crafted from high-quality special polyester. It is four-way-woven & gives you comfort. 

The polyester is double staged and tucked in carefully so that the durability and the life of the product increases. The terms and the middle fingers have a cutout. This ensures you will have better accuracy and preciseness while you are dealing with your target. 

Sitka Men's Whitetail Optifade-Elevated II Hunting Gloves

The gloves are DWR treated and have the power to defy rainfall and moisture. The wrist has a leather strap making them easy to wear and remove. It also ensures that the gloves are tucked tightly to your palm. 

The Sitka gloves do not give you much variety when it comes to the sizes. The small size is nearly absent, and therefore, it is not for little hands. However, you can easily get M, L, and XL in the market. The glove is available in various camo-patterns, which are specific for a bowhunter. The gloves are quite expensive but worth your money.

  • The gloves are an excellent pick from early to the middle hunting season.
  • They are easy to pair with larger gloves or mittens.
  • DWR finish makes them worth your purchase
  • Durable with a special polyester construction
  • The gloves are relatively lightweight and slim.
  • The prices are on the higher side.
  • You cannot rely on them in cold winters.
  • The palm does not have an anti-slip grip

3. Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves | Sure-Grip and Extended Cuff

The Primos stretch-fit gloves are the most versatile and comfortable to wear gloves available in the market. The product is available in many different designs and offers you great functionality. The company specializes in making deer-hunting products and designing gears for bowhunters

This particular pair of gloves are built for the early hunting season. The gloves lack insulation properties, but this quality makes them lightweight and slim. As said above, they are for the early hunting season and therefore are not fit for wearing in extreme or late winters. 

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves Sure-Grip and Extended Cuff

The item features silicon on the surface, giving you a more robust and better grip. You will have harsh weather-defying gloves on and moisture-free hands. The gloves are non-stretchable, but the good thing is that they are available in various sizes

You will get a pair from small to XL size with ease. The size variety makes them a likable option in the market. The gloves are quite comfortable, with a thumb opening of around 5 inches. The material is polyester blended with spandex making them durable.

  • The gloves are affordable.
  • They are ready to fit any hand size.
  • The product has extended curves and a very lightweight
  • They do not handle sweat appropriately.

4. North Mountain BowHunting Gloves| Smartphone, Touchscreen Compatible

The North Mountain Bowhunting gloves are the most premium and expensive gloves on this list. They will bring you a ton of surprises and are designed especially for the hunters. They are an ideal choice for early to middle of the hunting season and are affordable as well. They do not have exceptional insulation properties, so they are not adequate for the cold weather. 

However, these gloves are successful at removing moisture. Your hands will remain dry and cool in the summer months. They are made with a blend of spandex and polyester. The subtle lining inside the glass gives your hands a soft hug without compromising the performance you need for bowhunting. 

There are two smart zones in the product and will allow you to use touchscreen mobile & tabs efficiently. They are comfortable to wear and remove, giving you a tight fit as you need. It is fine with people with big hands, as the company offers a size XL. The material will allow your hands to be airy and prevent foul odors. 

North Mountain BowHunting Gloves

The polyester-spandex blend makes them easy to clean and ready for a machine wash. The product is durable and does not damage soon. 

You will get a decent grip on the gloves. The product, however, is not fit for smaller hands. It might appear baggy and reduce your performance. The camera pattern is also not very strong. However, it blends well in the leaves and branches. Therefore, it is fit for the early hunting season.

  • The product is available at a relatively low rate.
  • It is excellent for people with M, L, and XL sizes.
  • Only ideal for the early season of hunting.
  • The product is touchscreen compatible at two points.
  • It has adequate moisture repelling properties.
  • The odors don’t form in this product.
  • The product loses its elasticity over time.
  • It doesn’t offer an exceptional grip.

5. Under Armour BowHunt Early Season Fleece-gloves

The early hunting season demands more. There is much greenery, moisture, and rain in the atmosphere. The Under Armour Bowhunting gloves will allow you to stay dry in the wettest weather. 

The gloves are an ideal choice for early to the middle hunting season. The material is of high quality and counts as one of the most premium fabrics used in making hunting gloves. These gloves use 10% elastic and are blended with polyester. 

This blend enhances the performance, durability, and health level of the stretch. Therefore, they won’t lose their flexibility very soon. There are various size options available with this product, and you will not have to face difficulty or compromise for purchasing. 

Under Armour BowHunt Early Season Fleece-gloves

The gloves arrive with a fleece lining that allows your hands to remain warm. This is a smart product and will allow you to use your touchscreen effortlessly. The product is washable in the machine. The gloves are moisture-proof, and you will get perfect camo-patterns that seamlessly camouflage into the surroundings.

  • These gloves are excellent for the early to the middle of the hunting season.
  • They are incredibly durable and made with new technology.
  • You will get smart points to operate your touchscreen.
  • This particular model is water-resistant and very comfortable.
  • The product price is relatively high.
  • The touch technology does not function correctly.

6. SPIKA Camouflage Bowhunting Full-Finger and Fingerless Gloves with Touchscreen

Many bowhunting gloves selling companies focus on early to middle hunting season gears. The SPIKA Bowhunting gloves are unlike others, and the brand manufactures some durable gloves for the late season. 

Yes, they are built for chilled weather hunting and have exceptional camouflaging properties. They will help you keep dry, warm and protect you from the harshest weather conditions. You can live your life and perform at your best wearing these sturdy and durable gloves. They are well insulated with 330GSM fabric. 

The product is breathable and well insulated. The gloves’ thermal performance is fantastic, and they will offer you complete flexibility and agility without hindering your performance or compromising comfort. 

SPIKA Camouflage Bowhunting Full-Finger and Fingerless Gloves with Touchscreen

These gloves have the power to withstand the lower-temperatures. These special hunting gloves are double-stitched and well-gripped. The hydro-shield layer takes care of all the waterproofing, and these gloves are well priced and of high-end quality. You can purchase them if you are a late-winter hunter.

  • The gloves are well priced and will keep you warm.
  • They are harsh weatherproof and arrive with adjustable straps for the wrist.
  • The grip zones and the wide cuffs make them easy to use
  • The touch technology for the touchscreen does not work well.
  • Long-term durability is a question.


Bowhunting is adrenaline-boosting, and if you get the right shot, it is day-made! The good-quality bow hunting gloves will ensure your exposed and often neglected part is concealed and covered. We have mentioned the best bowhunting gloves for you in our guide. You can choose the gloves as per your hunting season.

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