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Best Glock Grips – For Upgrades & Comfort

The Glock is unquestionably one of the most popular handguns in the world. Many people prefer it due to its simplicity and ease of use, to name a few. The Glock is also among the most customizable guns out there. 

There is always seemingly a new accessory releasing to add to your weapon. One of them is grips, which are meant to improve steadiness as you hold your weapon while also helping prevent it from slipping out of your hand as you fire. 

A better grip will improve your accuracy and make it safer as you use the gun as well. Here are some of the best Glock grips out there for you to take a look at.

1: TALON GRIPS FOR GLOCK 19, 23, 25, 32 AND 38

This grip comes fromTalon, a company that has become a household name among gun enthusiasts due to its quality. This grip is a single wrap with adhesive properties that allow you to attach it onto the Glock with ease. 

You can choose between a granulated grip or a rubber grip, both of which offer great comfort and stability as you hold your gun. This single grip is compatible with numerous versions of the Glock, ensuring you can easily use it regardless of your weapon. 

TALON Grips for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38 Unpacked Image

The material used is also very thin, making it lighter and preventing your hand from wearing out after extended use. The rubber and granulated options are also very durable, providing you with long periods of efficiency.

  • It is compatible with many versions of the Glock, thus ensuring a wider range of usage. 
  • It is made from durable materials that guarantee more extended periods of efficiency and reliability. 
  • The grip is light in weight, thus reducing its load on your hand. 
  • It can be easily customized, thus improving the appearance of your gun.
  • After continued use, the grip begins to wear out. A replacement will thus be needed.
TALON GRIPS FOR GLOCK 19, 23, 25, 32 AND 38


This grip is designed to feature significant levels of reliability and performance. Its notable features include finger grooves, which allow you to hold your gun more steadily while improving your stability during firing, resulting in an improved aim during shots. 

The grip is designed to accommodate both right and left-handed users, adding to its versatility. You do not need to worry about detaching the grip when cleaning the Glock, either; it’s made from solvent-resistant rubber that ensures it always remains firmly attached. 


The rubber used in its manufacturing guarantees it lasts for a long time; it also improves stability. The waterproof feature allows you to take shots even when it’s pouring!

  • The finger grooves on the grip improve its stability, thus improving your accuracy during multiple shots. 
  • It is water-resistant, thus ensuring you can use it efficiently even in the rain. 
  • The finger grooves are designed to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters. 
  • The grip can be cleaned easily using numerous solvents, similar to those of the gun.
  • The grip is not specific to certain Glock models. This results in an uneven fit when used. 
  • After continued use, the grip begins to detach.


This grip is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Glock types which permits more gun users to get the assistance of this grip. The grip also comes from one of the best manufacturers in the industry, Pachmayr. They have a well-established relationship with gunsmiths and many shooters due to their reliability and professional appearance

It also has finger grooves that improve stability, especially when taking multiple shots. It ensures your hand can easily absorb the recoils without slipping off and interfering with the accuracy. The grip likewise comes in a custom fit option that secures it perfectly onto your hand. 

Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38 View

The finger grooves are comfortable for both right and left-handed shooters, making it great for many, especially those who share guns. It’s also waterproof, making it resistant when shooting in the rain. The grip is also easy to detach, making it super convenient, especially when you want to clean your Glock.

  • 1
  • It has finger grooves that ensure improved grip. This prevents the gun from falling off your hand. It also contributes to increased accuracy.
  • The grip is compatible with many versions of the Glock. This makes it reliable to have and results in a closely fitting grip on your gun. 
  • It is light in weight, thus ensuring a reduced load on your hand. 
  • The grip can easily be removed, especially when cleaning your gun without losing any stickiness. This makes it reliable for long-term usage. 
  • The finger grooves are ideal for both right and left-handed shooters. 
  • It has a professional look.
  • The grip experiences a reduced grip when held with sweaty hands.
Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38 Image

4: BROOKS TACTICAL AGRIP FOR GLOCK 19, 23, 25, 32, 36 AND 38

This grip comes with the established brand’s backing, featuring excellent qualities attributed to all their grips. This one is compatible with a wide range of Glock models, guaranteeing that you get a proper fit on your gun. Although the handling is steady, it’s also soft to assure an appropriate comfort as you hold the gun. 

The materials used in its production are also durable, giving you a grip that’ll last through years of wear and tear. The grip further features a non-slip design, making it safer for taking multiple shots at once. Your accuracy remains tremendous and results in productive shooting practice. 

The grip has strong adhesive properties that permit you to install and take it off easily, allowing you to clean your gun efficiently without having to fear it becoming unresponsive when you try to reattach. 

The grip is also water-resistant, permitting you to use it during rainy and humid conditions. It fits tightly to the frame of the gun, enabling usage even underwater. It’s designed to have a professional look and doesn’t stand out when you draw your Glock.

  • It is reliable for use during any environmental condition. It has a proper fit to the frame that ensures it can even be used underwater. 
  • It is made from durable materials that guarantee you a long period of reliable service delivery. 
  • The grip has robust adhesive features. It thus allows you to detach and reattach it easily without fear of it failing to stick.
  • It is compatible with many versions of the Glock. This ensures you can use it on multiple guns, all while getting a smooth, comfortable fit. 
  • It can easily be cleaned using various solvents, thus ensuring high levels of hygiene.
  • Although it is compatible with many Glock versions, it doesn’t fit well.


This rubber grip is designed to deliver the highest levels of functionality and reliability. The rubber makes them extremely durable and very highly reliable. The grip is intended for a wide range of Glock options, making it very beneficial to have. 

The manufacturer also allows for a custom-made design that fits onto any gun flawlessly. This ensures you get a better handling experience and high levels of grip. They also come in various color options to choose from, pledging that you get one that goes great with your Glock. 

Foxx Grips -Gun Grips Compatible for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38

The grip has a smooth surface that guarantees you have a good feel while using it. Its thickness is also very thin, so the weight on your hand is reduced significantly.

  • It is made from rigid materials that make sure it remains functional for long periods of use. 
  • It can be attached and detached without losing adhesion. 
  • The rubber ensures you get firm handling and remain steady when taking shots.  This will improve your accuracy significantly. 
  • It has a smooth surface that ensures you don’t experience blisters after prolonged usage. 
  • The grip is meant to fit perfectly on the Glock, resulting in a smoother look.
  • The grip doesn’t deliver well when handled with sweaty hands. 
  • After long periods of continuous usage, the rubber wears out and thus makes it unreliable. A replacement will therefore be needed.
Rubber Grip Enhancement


This grip is one that has taken the market by storm recently owing to the numerous features it packs. It’s both sturdy and reliable, giving you a more extended period of efficiency. It is further made better by the rubber used in its manufacturing process, making sure that it remains grippy regardless of the conditions you use it in. 

It’s designed to work well for a broader range of firearms, including multiple generations of the Glock, making it one of the most versatile grips on the market. The material is also very rigid, which helps maintain high accuracy levels and prevent your gun from falling out of your hand as you fire, posing a danger. 

Grip Tape for Guns

The grip is water-resistant and is also resistant to other gun cleaning solvents, making sure that you can clean your gun without having to worry about it losing its adhesive properties. This feature also allows you to take it and detach it whenever you want.

  • It is designed to fit well in a wide range of Glock generations. Its functionality can also be extended to other firearms. 
  • It is made from rubber, thus ensuring a long period of efficiency and reliability. 
  • It remains stable and grippy even when taking multiple shots. 
  • The grip is water-resistant, thus allowing you to use it efficiently during rainy and humid conditions. It also works well for people with sweaty hands. 
  • The grip is ideal to use for both rights and left-handed shooters.
  • The grip comes from the manufacturer pre-cut. This results in numerous misfits.


Glocks have a relatively strong recoil, especially when taking multiple shots; because of this, you need to have the highest amount of grip you can get to withstand the immense force. This is the exact reason you need to have the best grips. The ideal grip will make sure you have a safer firing experience as you handle the gun steadily. 

The steady handling is further reflected in your shots, helping with accuracy. A grip will increase your precision dramatically and help you hit your targets comfortably. There are several grips to choose from on the market—all with different and unique features. There are also several factors to consider in the selection of a grip. 

Misfits can often be unreliable, and you won’t get the very best firing experience. Some manufacturers allow custom-made grips that fit perfectly on your hand and onto your Glock; these are a great option but can be costly. Here are some of the best grips to choose from on your journey to the best grip. They’re packed with functionality making them great to add to your Glock!

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