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6 Best Soft Rifle Case | Range Bag | Hunting Hoop

All guns require cases. Pistols come in holster bags or range bags, but rifles are available in hard and soft side cases. The primary use of these cases is to see that the firearms are kept safe from physical damage. It should be kept safe from rain and moisture elements. It must be kept away from thieves and should be convenient to carry.

This is why rifle cases are so important. Below, we have introduced a few of the best rifle cases in the U.S.

1: Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case

This is a superb case available in a stylish black color. It weighs 15.04 ounces. It comes with super thick padding and will help you take care of your weapon. It will keep dust away and prevent scratches as well as deformations or marks. 

This case has an exceptional quality. It is made of a certain level of the highest quality stuff. These rifle cases are readily available, look sophisticated, they can carry other rifle essentials

The sling handle is comfortable and has a soft padding. It can be carried over the shoulder diagonally or in a straight manner. Customers usually have several questions in mind while buying this rifle case.

Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case Real image
  • It is travel-friendly.
  • It is scratch-resistant and has a unique inner lining.
  • It has super soft padding.
  • It is made of Ballistic Nylon.
  • It has a sturdy nylon water-resistant outer shell.
  • In case any liquid, greasy or sticky item falls on the outside, it can be easily wiped away with a dry cotton cloth.
  • It can easily hold similar-sized rifles of different brands and variations.
  • The rifle case gets damaged when it rubs against a hard surface or rocks.
  • The zip needs to be handled carefully.
  • This rifle case does not have any cons as such.

2: Benjamin BSSRC 48-Inch Soft Rifle Case

This stylish Benjamin rifle case features a lot of storage area and MOLLE webbing. The outer pocket has two zips. It is 13 inches in height and 28 inches in width. The case is specially designed to be 48 inches long and 15 inches tall. It has three superb rows of MOLLE webbing for the entire length on the front and the back. A padded sling and embroidered carry handle make it my most favorite carry case. This bag is not made to fit into the extra large air rifles.

Benjamin BSSRC 48-Inch Soft Rifle Case
  • This rifle case is easy to carry.
  • This rifle case can be stored conveniently without any problem.
  • You can even store larger rifles of other brands in this.
  • This bag is sleek and super stylish.
  • It is available a great deal.
  • This rifle case is safe and does not have any cons or negative points.
  • It becomes challenging to use ear aids and other small tools if the case is overfilled.

3: NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

This rifle case is made of high-quality, heavy-duty PVC and looks after two carbine-sized rifles. The main compartment holds two rifles of 3 inches with a comfortable padded center separator, which has a high capacity stow and go. 

It is available in gorgeous 36 inch and 42-inch lengths and takes care of a beautiful pair of carbine-sized heavy rifles. The rifles in the case are separated by a fat padded divider and are protected by four grip-strip straps. There is also a secondary compartment for storing fresh supplies, paperwork, tools, and a backup handgun. 

Three prominent outer pockets make it easy to keep the magazines etc. The best part is that you get two adjustable sternum shoulder straps that help you carry the entire case behind you like a backpack. The zipper is of the best quality, the handle can be easily wrapped around. It is convenient in every sense of the word.

NcSTAR Double Carbine Case real image
  • The secondary compartment will store two rifles of 35 inches, whereas the center is thickly padded with foam-like material and has four hooks and loop straps to hold securely.
  • The case also has three secondary pockets.
  • The case is customizable.
  • The divider is long-lasting and can hold the rifle while separating the different chambers. The divider doesn’t get damaged easily and lasts year after year.
  • The zippers are of the best quality and can get damaged if pulled tightly.
  • The straps, like the handle straps, can get loose if handled roughly.

4: Bulldog Cases, Tactical Shotgun Case

Other than rifles, you can also store shotguns or pistols in this. It has complete soft padding and also comes along with a scratch-resistant inner lining. It is highly sought after and has handy, stylish external pockets. The overall look and function are top-rated. It is light, easy to carry, available in plenty of different colors. The case has thick padding, innumerable magazine pouches, a solid carry handle. Four large magazine pouches are present inside, and a flexible, designer strap that makes carrying the bag easy and comfortable.

Bulldog Cases, Tactical Shotgun Case Real Image
  • It has superb elastic shell loops.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It looks stylish.
  • It does not become dirty easily.
  • The black color is evergreen.
  • It is meant for outdoor use.
  • It comes with a warranty of just one year.
  • The straps can become weak with time.
  • The nylon threads can start coming out after a few years.

5: Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case

This is a modern rifle case with some new variations. The color is quite sober, the design is stylish and straightforward. The looks are also balanced between simple and sophisticated, it is beneficial and highly convenient. This rifle case has multiple pockets and storage spaces inside it. 

The case looks nice, but the lining isn’t as fine as other Bulldog cases. It isn’t fuzzy and does not appear long-lasting, but the zipper is extremely strong and has a ring attached towards the narrow end. This helps the zipper to be easily locked. 

The best thing about this rifle case is that it has huge magazine pouches containing large magazines. The carry handles and shoulder straps are pretty fine. The pocket is perfect for holding thin objects and tiny tools, but it is not very useful as the pocket becomes too tight whenever the bag is overloaded.

Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case Real Image
  • Made of Ballistic Nylon
  • It is Imported
  • It is made of Four Velcro external magazine pouches.
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap with swivels
  • Heavy-duty, durable Nylon with a water-resistant outer shell that floats
  • Brushed Tricot, soft scratch-resistant.
  • Waterproof
  • It can be easily carried in the rain, in the heat, to the jungles and other rough terrains.
  • This case is the favorite of professionals.
  • It is available for the most reasonable budget.
  • High maintenance
  • No cons as such
  • It needs to be washed only with liquid detergent.

6: Lakewood Soft-Sided Hard Deluxe RifleCase

All Lakewood cases are soft-sided hard cases. From the back-of-the-truck to the backcountry, they offer the protection of a hard case with a soft exterior. Lakewood cases are super tough and constructed with highly durable ABS plastic for a hard and rigid core. The exterior is encased in ultra-durable, drag-resistant, ballistic nylon to protect your truck. The interior features form-fitted high-density foam the ultimate protection of your hunting and fishing equipment. Lakewood cases are convenient, durable, ultra-light, easily transported, lockable, and TSA compliant.

Lakewood Soft-Sided Hard Deluxe RifleCase Real image
  • Hold two rifles (scopes attached) securely so they won’t hit each other.
  • The convenient, top-loading, drop-in design eliminates the need to lay out the case. Soft-sided hard cases won’t scratch your vehicle.
  • Durable ABS Plastic interior for ultimate protection Extra-thick foam interior protects and secures gun D-rings for a tie-down or additional locking points. Shoulder strap included Zippered pocket for shells, cleaning kit and accessories Significantly lighter than comparable double cases Includes Wheels Outside Case. 
  • The convenient, top-loading, drop-in design eliminates the need to lay out the case.
  • The soft-sided hard case won’t scratch your vehicle.
  • Zippered pocket for shells, cleaning kit, and accessories.
  • The color gets faded in cold climatic conditions or harsh hot temperatures.
  • These rifle cases are incredibly bulky.
  • It can cause shoulder pain.
  • The threads of the cases can come out if they get pierced by a nail or sharp object.

Vism compact-sized rectangular 2960 Series gun case is designed for pistols, subs, and folding guns less than 28 inches.


Rifle cases have become a style standard these days. A good, soft case comes along with more storage. You can make use of it to carry leftover magazines, safety accessories, cleaning equipment, and other extra shooting gear. They should be lightweight and look stunning. If you are keen on archery and shooting, you can collect rifle cases for your outdoor sprees. 

Whether you travel in a vehicle, a car, bus, etc., you can easily carry your rifle in these rifle bags. Jerks and all would not damage or harm your armor if you keep them in these secure cases. These rifle cases also have straps and all to hold your rifle or gun properly. Order your favorite rifle case before they get sold out! 

Many of you might be wondering whether you should purchase a soft rifle case or a hard rifle case? Well, there are several positive and negative points about both soft rifle cases and hard rifle cases. It is you who needs to make an intelligent decision. 

The capacity of the rifle cases is different. The gear items you need to carry along with the rifle determine what kind of bag you need. The ear protection items and other range protection items are essential and need to be carried in the rifle case.

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