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10 Blackout Hunting Chair Of 2022 | Reviews & Guide | Hunting Hoop

For a passionate hunter, nothing can beat the satisfaction of a thrilling hunting experience. To get that experience, you need to be calm and relax constantly. But while waiting in the blind for your desired target for a long time, you may get exhausted due to insufficient arrangement of relaxation.

In such a situation, a comfortable swivel chair can be the ultimate companion you can get in a distant hunting blind. A swivel hunting chair is the all-way perfect option to meet your needs. It can give you the utmost comfort, relaxation, and in the meantime, proper access to a smooth hunting experience. 

While choosing a swivel hunting chair, you may have the feeling of picking an option from a dizzying array.  

To help you from this situation, we have come up with a tip-to-toe review of the 10 best popular and hunter-supported swivel hunting chairs like the BenchMaster Sniper Seat 360. You will have access to a buying guide and FAQ section that will extensively help you to shortlist your desired swivel hunting chair more precisely.  

So without stretching the intro more, let’s get started with the review section.

10 Blackout Hunting Chair Of 2022 List

  1. Best Overall : BenchMaster Sniper Seat 360
  2. Best Multipurpose: Hunt Comfort HCCC10 Swivel Hunting Chair
  3. Best Budget : Banded Hunting Blind Swivel Chair
  4. Best Comfortable and Quiet : Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair
  5. Best Portable : CHAMA Pursuit Swivel Hunting Chair
  6. Best Cushions : Redneck Hunting Blind Swivel Chair
  7. Best ground seat : Muddy MGS400 Swivel Hunting Chair
  8. Best Seat Padding : Bolderton 360 Comfort Swivel Hunting Chair
  9. Best Adjustable Rifle Shooting : BOG ChairPod swivel hunting chair
  10. Best Weight Support : Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair

Now its time to go deeper with detailed features of each chair that have been provided for your review :

BenchMaster Sniper Seat 360

The BenchMaster sniper seat is a sturdy and multitasking swivel hunting chair. To comfortably settle on the blind for a long time, this sniper seat has no match.   

The foam seater and foam back of this swivel hunting chair will assure you maximum comfort. Plus, the back of this chair is reclining up to 50 degrees. That is perfect for proper backrest and relaxing when you have to wait for a long period. 

Like the adjustable back seat, this hunting chair offers an adjustable arm and gun rest. These features of this chair helps to keep a hunter calm and concentrated. To stick to the target without feeling any discomfort.  

BenchMaster Shooting & Hunting Chair 360

Additionally, with this sniper seat’s silent 360 rotating facilities, you have the full shooting range at your grip. Moreover, each leg of the chair is adjustable separately. That extremely helps to stand steadily on uneven ground. Hunters appreciate the high-quality steel construction of this chair that delivers firmness. And powder coating on top of the chair construction keeps it resistant to rust due to ground friction, mud, and water

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Full comfort
  • Sturdy and steady 
  • Withstand more than 250lbs of weight 
  • You can raise the seat high up to 20-inch
  • Also works with crossbar

Things you need to Consider

  • The chair itself is a bit heavy

Final Thoughts

High-quality material, necessary features, and full comfort options made this BenchMaster sniper seat 360-degree a top best swivel hunting chair for bow. The affordable price is a plus shot.

Hunt Comfort HCCC10 Swivel Hunting Chair

It’s a full rotation enabled hunting chair. You can access the 360-degree shooting range quietly without moving a bit. Besides the regular sitting height, you can convert this hunting chair to a 2nd height position. That is best for ground hunting, like a duck, turkey, or dove. High-quality breathable mesh fabric is the material of the seat and backrest. This specification assures you full comfort and reduces the total weight of the product. Additionally, the carrying strap complements its lightweight (17lbs only). That makes this hunting chair easy to carry while traveling or changing your hunting ground rapidly.

360 Degree Swivel Hunting Chair

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Comfortable and high-quality material 
  • Easily foldable into a compact size 
  • Multiple usages 
  • Added rubber caps on the feet for firmness 
  • lightweight and handy

Things you need to Consider

  • Not recommended for people who weigh more than 250lbs.

Final Thoughts

This Hunt Comfort is super comfy, super handy, and an absolutely multitasking swivel hunting chair for a hunter. A solid and convenient structure with a super affordable price makes it the best option for hunters.

Banded Hunting Blind Swivel Chair

This Banded swivel blind chair is a sturdy, quiet, and robust option for giving a hunter maximum reliable experience. The build quality and material also elevate the overall performance of this swivel chair. 

The entire body frame, including the brisk bottom of this chair, is made of heavy-duty metal. That is sturdy enough to hold up to 300lbs weight. So hunters with great weight can rely on this chair. Further, the exterior is also made out of Dura-Max 600D fabric, which is renownedly water-resistant and won’t tear easily. 

This chair’s 360 degrees of swivel capacity will help you glide on to sudden positioning without creating any noise. And while waiting for a long time in the blind, the 3-inch thick foam seater and 2-inch thick backrest will give you full comfort. The chair is also convenient to fold as this weighs only 12lbs. It’s easy to carry even one-handedly.

Swivel Blind Chair - Regular

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Comfortable and 360-degree swivel 
  • Impressive weight capacity 
  • Sturdy metal legs with non-friction caps put on
  • Long-lasting and durable material 
  • Handy to stow and port

Things you need to Consider

  • Some users have faced noising issues

Final Thoughts

Lightweight and handy swivel chair yet firm enough to hold a good amount of weight. Comes at a low price with all particular features. Make hunting more intense and relaxing.

Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair

Hunters used to say Millennium hunting chairs are among the best ones in the industry. Hunting-special design, high-quality material, extensive features of this swivel hunting chair helps a hunter in all purposes of a contended hunting experience. 

It’sIt’s an all-blind perfect chair that comes with full 360-degree super quiet rotation ability and two different adjustable height specifications, which are 13-inch and 18-inch. The legs of the chair are also adjustable individually to stand still on uneven surfaces. These features are perfect for getting a wide coverage of shooting range and without changing the chair or blind placement. This feature supports the quiet and serene environment you need for hunting. 

The seat and back of this hunting chair are made from ComfortMax seat fabric. On this, you can rest for hours on your desired position and spot. A pre-drilled arm holder is attached to the sitter. Here you can attach a G101 shooting stick or M600 bow-holder easily. 

Other than these exclusive features, this hunting chair’s capacity is 400lbs. That means it’s perfect for hunters with good weight. However, besides the outstanding capacity, this Millennium chair is lightweight (8.5 lbs), and you can pack it up within a minute. You will not have to take any pressure on carrying or porting your hunting chair. This portability means a lot for hunters who have to change their position rapidly.

Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Extreme weight capacity 
  • Widely performing, quiet and comfortable 
  • Lightweight and foldable 
  • Durable
  • A steady arm holder is attached 
  • Responsive customer support system

Things you need to Consider

  • The chair is comparatively expensive

Final Thoughts

The Millennium shooting swivel chair is the complete package of all the best things a hunter needs. Comfortable seat, adjustable leg, 360-degree swivel, silent feature, arm holder, and so on. What else will a hunter need?

CHAMA Pursuit Swivel Hunting Chair

The CHAMA Pursuit chair is the perfect chair for any outdoor occasion, especially for hunting. This chair offers you comfortable features. Its easily convertible design makes this chair eligible to meet multiple hunting needs. The flexible construction of this chair gives you silent maneuvering when needed.  

Over the high-quality metal structure, the seat and backrest of the chair are made out of tough and flexible fabric. That is comfortable but strong and withstanding all weather and sun exposure, which is desirable for a harsh environment. 

360-degree swivel is a must-have feature for hunting chairs which is also enabled in CHAMA Pursuit chairs. You can move in any sudden direction without changing your chair position. The height of the chair is also convertible in different positions (20-inch to 24-inch). These features open up a wide possibility of getting your hunt done. 

This chair also offers telescopic legs. Each is adjustable solely to fit in any terrain. If needed, you can turn this chair onto a hunting stool by removing the backrest. Additionally, you will get a heavy-duty travel bag to fold, pack and carry the chair swiftly.

CHAMA Pursuit Chair

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Up to 300lbs withstanding 
  • Full swivel and adjustable 
  • Comfortable 
  • Perfect for hunting, camping, relaxing, and so on. 
  • Additional travel bag for easy porting

Things you need to Consider

  • The swivel lock loosens up after several uses.

Final Thoughts

This all-purpose chair is perfect for hunters and explorers. The chair is comfortable, versatile, and exclusively functional. It can be the best accessory for hunting and your solo companion on hectic travel days.

Redneck Hunting Blind Swivel Chair

The REDNEK brand has gained popularity for its best blind hunting chair. The chair is meant to be the ultimate companion for a hunter. It’sIt’s a sturdy and functional chair. You can adjust the chair with multiple dimensions to make it perfectly compatible with your hunting needs. 

The chair is structured with a solid steel frame. It can withstand up to 350lbs. which is a good capacity to consider heavyweight hunters. The whole frame is coated with resistant black powder paint. So it will not rust or corrosion easily.  

Because of its high-dense foam seat, a hunter will not feel discomfort or pain while resting on the chair for a long period. Moreover, you can rotate a silent 180-degree on this chair. So with this chair, you need not move in the blind often. The chair’s legs are distinctive, which allows you to use this chair on rough surfaces and even in sloped places. So no more compromising with your desired blind spot. The height of this chair is also adjustable into 18-inch and 20-inch. Other than that, with the heavy-duty nylon carry strap, you can port your 16lbs hunting chair with you anywhere.

Redneck Blinds Portable Hunting Chair

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Comfortable and silent
  • Legs and height are adjustable
  • Firm and durable 
  • Portable

Things you need to Consider

  • Carrying the chair for a long time may feel heavy.

Final Thoughts

A perfect all-around hunting swivel chair for the user. Sturdy construction, useful features, and exclusively functional for hunters. Comes at a good affordable price. Worth buying.

Muddy MGS400 Swivel Hunting Chair

The Muddy swivel hunting chair is a hunting chair with a classy look and great build quality. However, except for its premium look, its functional features are desired for a professional hunter

The complete chair is constructed with heavy-duty steel. This stiff architecture makes this chair capable of bearing up to 300lbs. you will get a durable fabric seater and backrest on this chair. 

The best part of the seat is the Flex-Tek Zero-Gravity technology. This technology gives a comparatively wide base for seating more comfortably. And that also helps in reducing movement noise to zero. There is a flat armrest on both sides of the swivel chair for utmost comfort.

For having an uninterrupted shooting range, you can use the 360-degree rotation feature of this chair. With the help of the carrying strap, you can swiftly port your hunting chair with you. You can fold down this 15lbs hunting chair onto a regular size carry bag.

Muddy MGS400 Swivel-Ease Ground Seat

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Great design and sturdy structure
  • Comfortable and relaxing 
  • Perfect for all blind
  • Functional and silent
  • Durable and portable

Things you need to Consider

  • The armrest is a little lower for tall people

Final Thoughts

For a reliable, feature-full, and well-structured swivel hunting chair, you can check this option out. This premium-looking hunting chair is portable, convenient, and affordable.

 Bolderton 360 Comfort Swivel Hunting Chair

The Bolderton 360 swivel hunting chair is another name of comfort. The seat’s design, the backrest structure, and the overall build quality of this hunting chair are all you need to spend your blind time on full comfort. And that also without compromising your target. 

To give you perfect comfort, Bolderton has made its seat with super comfy dura mesh fabric. The seat is padded on the thigh areas, and an extra pad is added to the backrest. On the flat armrest, you can relax your hand easily.

Besides the exclusive comfort feature, the chair also offers you 360-degree swivel scope. Full nylon bushing articulates the rotation in good silence, which assures you good reliability of not missing your target while gripping the perfect shot. 

The solid structural steel frame of the chair is secure from rust and corrosion with resistant powder coating. You can use this chair for years without any quality depletion. Additionally, its extra-wide duck feet are fully articulated to stand stable on uneven surfaces.

Bolderton 360º Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Super comfortable and performing
  • Functional features 
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Foldable and portable 
  • Sturdy and long-lasting

Things you need to Consider

  • Few users have faced noise issues

Final Thoughts

For ultimate comfort, this hunting swivel chair is the best. Other than that, this chair is featured with all the needed specifications a hunter needs.

BOG ChairPod swivel hunting chair

The BOG ChairPod is an ultimate swivel hunting chair set up. The chair is versatile, extensively performing, and tough to build. This chair offers a hunter an exclusive hunting experience with its multiple features. 

It’sIt’s a dual-frame structured chair that will provide you with a perfect balance with a stable position on any blind. The front and rear tilting is also enabled on this chair, which is beneficial for adjusting the target on moving objects. The feet are wide and padded with polymer. That won’t slip or wobble on a slope and rough terrain. 

On the connecting point of the dual-frame, a tension knob is attached. This knob responds quickly, and it’s customizable to adjust depending on the current pressure, which is great for accurate 360-degree swivels. While grabbing full control of the shooting zone, you can relax your weapon on the tripod from this series.

Adjustable Ambidextrous Outdoor Range and Hunting

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Exclusive design and durable structure
  • Multiple uses
  • Comfortable 
  • Silent rotation 
  • Up to 300lbs withstanding

Things you need to Consider

  • The packaging of this great product should be more updated

Final Thoughts

Great construction and convenient features of this BOG ChairPod make this chair extensively useful for defense and photography, including hunters. Also comes at a feature-value price. Worth buying.

Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair

This Guide Gear hunting chair is among the top-selling hunting chairs in the industry. Sturdy construction, stable grip, 360-degree swivel, and convenient features have made this favorite chair for hunters. 

By the look, you can understand how comfortable the chair is. A strong steel frame 2.25-inch thick cushion pad has been added. And the thick foam backrest is perfectly complementing this wide and comfortable chair. Hunters who weigh up to 300lbs can sit here easily. 

With the help of the 360-degree silent rotation of this chair, you will never miss a target. That also opens up a wide lane of shooting range in front of a hunter. Wide duct feet assure you a more reliable hunting experience. However, the chair weighs only 11.9lbs. while moving, you can easily fold the chair and carry it with the included shoulder strap with the chair.

Guide Gear 360º Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

Things you are going to enjoy

  • Comfortable 
  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • Multiple functional features 
  • Lightweight
  • Silent swivel

Things you need to Consider

  • If the backrest seems less comfortable for your back, you may have to use an extra cushion pad for a relaxing experience.

Final Thoughts

It’sIt’s a perfect swivel hunting chair to carry out anytime and anywhere. The chair is functional, sturdy, comfortable, lightweight, and affordable. A great option to check out.

What Features and Design are Best For Swivel Hunting Chair? (Buying Guide)

In this section, you will get exclusive tips on choosing the right swivel hunting chair for you. The key features of a swivel hunting chair are 

  • Swivel feature 
  • Comfortable seat 
  • Silent function
  • Relaxing backrest
  • Adjustable legs 
  • Lightweight and portability 
  • Affordability

So while thinking about what to look for before buying a swivel hunting chair, check these features out.

Swivel feature 

Swivel means staying steady on a specific surface, moving in the desired direction with the help of a pivot structure. This rotational ability is the main key feature of a swivel hunting chair. Your shortlisted hunting chair may have the access of rotating up to 360-degree. That ensures a hunter a full coverage of the shooting range.  

Comfortable seat and backrest

The second most important thing about a hunting chair is its comfort. A hunter never knows how long they should wait to shoot down their trophy animal. So the waiting can last as long as half a day. That’sThat’s why the resting place has to be comfortable to keep the hunter relaxed and motivated. Without a proper backrest, a hunter may have an ache on the back. This discomfort can be distracting and undesirable. A comfortable chair with a proper backrest is a must.

Silent function

If your chair makes noise while moving or adjusting your position, that’s not ideal for hunting. The best hunting chair has to be silent and smooth. 

Adjustable legs 

This one is another important feature of swivel hunting chairs as you will rarely find any even ground in the middle of the jungle or shooting area. If your chair doesn’t have adjustable legs to withstand uneven terrain, your hunting can go in vain. So choose your hunting chair with steady and easily articulating legs. 

Lightweight and portability 

Moving rapidly for better opportunities is a constant thing of hunting. That’sThat’s why your hunting chair has to be portable. Attached carry straps or carry bag included chairs are the best option. Also, your chair should be lightweight; otherwise, you will get tired while carrying it for a long time. 


You can get the best swivel hunting chair out of an affordable budget. There are so many options in various marketplaces with different ranges of budget. It can be confusing to decide the better option depending on the budget. So I would suggest you not go either for an expensive one or a cheap one. Choose a hunting chair with

maximum key features with a decent price range.

Frequently Asked Question

Are padded seat cushions make a hunting blind chair more comfortable?

While staying in a hunting blind, you can’t say how long you should stay there. During this time, your seat needs to be comfortable to keep you fit and concentrated. Other than non-padded seat padded seat cushions relaxes your body parts and comfort them for a long period.

Can hunting blind chairs be left out all year?

No. Leaving your hunting blind chairs out all year is not recommended. Most of the hunting chairs are made of metal and fabric. Yet this metal construction has a rust-resistant coating, and the fabric is water repellent. Still, it can damage your chair if you leave them on direct air, sun, and water exposure for a long time.

Why invest in an expensive hunting chair?

If you are fond of hunting, you know you can’t compromise the thrilling experience for a few bucks. A proper functional chair can be a solo companion on your hunting journey. It helps you to get your trophy animal and keeps you relaxed at the same time. A valued hunting chair can last for a long time. You will not have to invest in it frequently. So it is overall good to invest in a good hunting chair.

Should My Blind Chair Be Lightweight

Yes, it’s better to select a hunting chair for your blind as much as possible. Being a hunter, you know how uncertain hunting is. You may have to move frequently to win your desired target. So everything, including your blind chair, should be lightweight.


We hope this article will be helpful for our dear hunters. We have tried to sort out the top, best, and most reviewed swivel hunting chair for you. To help you to choose the best hunting chair of the trend. And get rest and relax while waiting for getting your dream target. If you find this article helpful or you have any suggestions, please let us know. Bets of luck with your purchase. Stay happy! Keep exploring!

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