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Burris AR-332 Review | 3x Tactical Red Dot Sight | Hunting Hoop

Burris is the well-known brand for making rugged bulletproof optics. Burris AR-332 is an optical red dot sight mounted on the AR carrying handle. It is used to gain clear target accuracy during shooting. There are slight challenges compared to getting used to shooting a red dot on a flat top model of the best optic.

In this article, the Burris ar-332 review will help you to get an actual idea on Burris 300208 AR-332 3×32 Prism Sight. It designed to help hunters pick up low-light targets. Burris Optic manufactures a line of fiber optic gun sights with a red illuminated dot. The red line of the point of view does not project a point on the target as laser sights. But projects a bright spot in the center of the view itself. The procedure for sighting a Burris Red Dot sight is practically identical to that of any other observation device.

Burris AR-332 3x32mm Prism Red Dot Sight

  • Easy to operate
  • The best protection from water, fog, weight weath
  • Powerful RED/green red Dot
  • Great contrast
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to install

So Here’s My Burris AR-332 Review For You.

The Burris AR-332 is made by compact design. Its body is matt anodized aluminum alloy with black treatment. You can have a clear view from 15 – 100 yards with this Red Dot Sight. The design is for intersecting optic for scout rifle distances and CQB in a strong fixed-power optic. The Burris AR-332 contains a double green /red illuminated BDC reticle. The prism sight comes with multi-coated lenses, integrated lens covers, Picatinny rail mounting bracket, and 1.5 inches sunshade. This Red Dot sight is suitable for medium and long-range shooting, with high optical clearness and a close distances target diameter. The reticle lights up in red or green and at multiple brightness intensities, for an adequate vision image despite lighting environment. The removable laser vision can be used for the quick acquisition of the objective.


The Burris AR-332 is a red dot sight that mounts with a CQB Optic with a 32X power scope and a 65 mm diaphragm aperture. The Multi-coated lenses offer 50% brighter images. The Optic allows you to shoot with both eyes with a red dot. The optics of this red dot sight is excellent quality and mounted on the latest generation multi-layer lenses. It is complete with anti-reflection optical treatments. The reticle is a straight size and you can identify targets up to 100 yards. The sight is complete with an eyepiece zoom with a magnification factor from 1x to 4x. The body of the Burris AR-332 is covered by 6061-T6 aluminum. The configuration makes it waterproof and resistant to rain. The inner cylinder is filled with nitrogen gas in order to eliminate the phenomenon of misting of the lenses. There are 3 reticle color settings available these are black red and green. The user will get 5 green illuminated and 5 red Illuminated reticle settings.

Why ​Burris AR-332 is Best For you

  • Useable at any lighting situation day or night
  • Easy to operate
  • The best protection from water, fog, weight weath
  • Powerful RED/green red Dot
  • Great contrast
  • Light and compact
  • Complete with accessories
  • All metal durable construction
  • Easy to install

Specification of Burris AR-332

  • Model number:             300208
  • Dimensions:             12 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Weight:                      2 pounds
  • Objective diameter:     32 mm
  • Color:                   Black
  • Battery:                    CR2032
  • Protection:               Aluminum for extreme resistance to water and fog
  • Magnification:             1x-4x
  • Click value:                33 MOA
  • Adjustment range:       ± 45 MOA
  • Brightness control:      Red 5 Levels / Green 5 levels
  • Eye relief:                5
  • Field of view in feet at 100 yards: 32
  • Tube size: 30mm
  • Material:                   High-Quality 6061-T6 aluminum, hard coat anodized per MIL-A-8625
  • Due to its fast-focus eyepiece, it is faster than other sights
  • It ensures great accuracy even in darkness
  • To match naturally in any light condition it offers rotary illumination control between 10 settings.
  • The rugged manufacture provides protection from all types of weather exploitation and recoil.
  • For the reticles black color setting, there is no necessity for battery power.
  • The Nitrogen-filled body tubes keep away from fogging inside.
  • The lenses with anti-reflective coating give good optical clarity.
  • When you are shooting out to 200 yards, the crosshairs turn into extremely little, which is hard to observe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many brightness settings are there in this sight?

There are 5 Red and 5 Green Reticle lights up with 10 brightness settings available in this red dor sight.

Does it need any batteries?

Yes, it has a CR2032 disc type battery.

What is the practical range for this scope?

The practical range is between 100 to 200 yards with a recreational shooting and up to 400 yards with experienced users.

What is the meaning of 32 in 3×32?

It means the objective lens is 32 mm, which means the amount of light assembly power.

Burris AR-332 3x Prism Sight Review with Video


Burris AR-332 is a fixed-power optic is extremely good at CQB work. The Burris AR-332 is an enormous common optic for an AR proprietor to expand the range of their AR to permit confident assignment out to 500 yards. That huge bright dot presents an enormous aiming point, even at long distances. Depending on the trajectory of the ammunition you are using, the establishment of the sight so the bullet reaches 2 to 3 inches high at 100 yards will allow you to hold dead at 300 yards for most rifle shooting cartridges flat. The Burris ar-332 is light, maneuverable and excellent value for money. So from this Burris ar-332 review, we can say that it is one of the best product. This Burris model requires putting in a great low night vision setting for illumination. By using the CQB Optic, the reticle is ideal for CQB ranges at night. It can be a small maddening for shooting night critters in the black field. For these situations, you can use a CR2032 battery for dimmer illumination.

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