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Burris XTR II 8-40X50 Review | Our Guide | Your Decision | Hunting Hoop

The perfect scope for your firearm helps you excel in the shooting game, so we’ve taken a look at a few scopes and have narrowed it down to the XTR II. The Burris XTR II is innovative, durable, and very deserving of the price tag! 

It will allow you to work better by increasing your efficiency, confidence, and accuracy. 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly, long-distance vermin control, then the Burris XTR II 8-40×50 might be the best choice for you. Our guide will make this decision much easier, so sit back and enjoy our review of the exceptional scope called the Burris XTR II 8-40×50!

The Burris XTR II 8-40X50 Review

Burris Xtreme Tactical XTR II 8-40x50mm Precision Rifle Scope

  • Excellent resolution optics
  • Versatile 5x zoom system
  • Better target acquisition
  • Excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability

Burris is a renowned and well-known company when it comes to optics. They have been in the industry for quite a long time and have manufactured optics of many different ranges. They sell the Burris XTR II, Eliminator, and other products that are built for modern-day shooters. This brand is a recognized name as they produce high-quality equipment at a sensible price point. 

The optics are available on the market at a competitive price point when compared to the competitors. Furthermore, the quality is still up there, so there aren’t any sacrifices at this price. However, it is priced below Leupold, Aimpoint, Trijicon, and more, bringing a ton of competition to the table.

Burris manufacturers do not compromise on their products’ quality but make them readily available for all budget ranges. The Burris XTR II is built for shooting long-range, and it does excel at just that. You can easily go for thousand-yard ranges and produce accurate shots. This scope will become your best friend in the jungle, desert, or target range! 

You can shoot your animal from a relatively safe and long-distance away without losing any precision. If you are fond of just long-range shooting, this scope will undoubtedly match your taste. Several models are available on the market; many have varying magnification ranges from four to twenty (4-20) powers and extend to eight and forty (8-40). 

The Burris XTR II 8-40×50 is a well-priced product for the power range and the number of features it offers. The product retails for about a thousand dollars and gives you accuracy with several kinds of rifles. The magnification or zooming is spectacular and perfect for a long-range scope; in fact, it’s more than we’d expect out of scope at this price. 

Burris XTR II 8-40X50 Reticles

The Burris XTR II 8-40×50 is the most potent magnification scope in the array defined for long-range hunting and shooting. It’s ideal for target and F class shooters. The scope is built of one piece of tube that comes with a 30 to 50 mm objective lens, which allows the light through its 34 mm main-line towards the eyepiece’s rear & fast focus. 

The product’s reticle lies in the first FP or focal-plane and swells up during the 5X-zooming-range. The markings on the side remain accurate while you are sub-tensioning the target. The product is easy to use with specific markings, smooth operations, and mounting. 

Furthermore, the Burris XTR II 8-40×50 has elevation-turrets (33mm) and offers easy adjustments with a diameter of 35mm, which gives you a good grasp with or without gloves. The pattern is shareable on the scopes windage, brightness, and parallax styles. You can magnify easily through the control ring on the ocular’s body front. 

The product arrives with covers or caps for the lenses, which are matt black, suit the sleek and hard-anodized finishing of the main-tube. The coating is of premium quality and will not scrub-away from rubbing against your gun case or sleeve. It is smart and relatively easy to clean with a wipe as well. 

The product quality is reliable as it is waterproof and nitrogen-filled, preventing fogging and ensuring its longevity no matter which environmental conditions you use it in, always resulting in clear and sharp images. The joints of the scope are nicely sealed and waterproofed, making them rust-free and reliable. 

Plus, they are not stiff or produce irritating sounds that could potentially scare away. Overall this scope is high-quality with some pleasing aesthetics. The mechanical adjustments of the products are in 1/8 Minute of Angle clicks. 

The logical 10 Minute of Angle (or 10MOA) and 80-click/rotation of the turret features an easy to reset zero stop ensuring that you won’t lose your spot. It offers you acceptable adjustment value and really will pay you off for a long-range scope. 

Burris XTR II 8-40X50 Reticles Info Graph

This product’s parallax is adjustable. You can modify it from 50 – yards to infinite, and you will get a particular focus with this 40 X magnification. The Burris is seamless to operate. In hotter climates, it is advisable to use the scope down to 20x-25x. It will avoid the appearance of a mirage, and you will see the full image. 

The outer dial for illumination runs smoothly from 0 to 11. It happens with an ‘off’ or a ‘full-off option at each period of travel. The product will offer you generous eye relief of 100mm, which is essential in the head position when you move it side by side, back and forth. 

This rifle scope delivers an exceptional performance with a forever warranty from the brand. You can trust this product and the brand. With the Burris XTR II 8-40×50, you can never go wrong.

Specifications at a Glance

  • The XT II is a scope that is built for severe and tactical purposes. 
  • It is suitable for competitive and long-range rifle-shooters.
  • FFP reticle designing allows to increase and decrease the reticle size when magnification changes. It is relatively simple and helpful.
  • The trajectory compensation is accurate and proportionate for selected power-setting.
  • It arrives with an ergonomic side-focus and parallax adjustment from a distance of 50 yds. to infinite
  • The body tube is 34 mm, sturdy and durable.
  • You will get a more expansive field view with its 5X zooming at close ranges.
  • The scope will offer you better targeting at long-ranges, as it’s built for the distance.
  • You can quickly revert to the initial yardage setting with the zero-click stop-adjustment controls.
  • It offers you fast, easy, and smooth windage & elevation adjustments.
  • Precise and repeatable adjustments of the reticle match the reticle measurement system.
  • Experience the excellent brightness and crispness with the lasting strength of its premium optical glass. The brand Burris is known for the bright and clear images it offers.
  • Hi-Lumen Index-matching multi-coating aids for a remarkable low-light execution and glare rejection
  • Bright reticle minimizes the time to get on the spot under any lighting situation.
  • You will get eleven brightness settings:
  1. spanning night-vision
  2. low light
  3. daytime
  • The comfortable power-saver option between each brightness-setting is advantageous and saves the battery.
  • The scope holds zero using the dual internal spring-tension system.
  • It is waterproof and arrives with a nitrogen-purged body tube that prevents fogging.
  • The product has a steady point-of-impact as the internal parts are precision-gauged and filed by the hands.
  • You will get a one solid piece outer tube, which is stress-free and durable.
Burris XTR II 8-40X50 Mounted on AR

Burris XTR II 8-40×50 Features

Appearance & Weight

It has sturdy, high-quality, and seamless looks with a smooth beefy to-touch matte black finish. This object has intense and severe looks. It gives high-performance and is built for practical and tactical objectives. The housing is stable, and the finishing is smooth. It weighs around 31 ounces, and the tube is in one piece, making it look sleek, easy to use, durable, and ensuring precision working.

What’s in The Box

The Burris XTR II 8-40×50 comes in a grey box with the brand’s name engraved. It arrives with an instructions manual and accessories. The exciting thing is that you will get a pair of lens caps, sunshades, and wrenches for fixing the nuts. The wrench will allow you to set zero stops manually. 

The scope can hold zero well. The turrets have accurate markings and are simple to use. However, they are a bit stiff, but it’s not a big problem. The radical is bright and will offer you 11 different settings for illumination. 

It comes with an aggressive textured zooming ring, which rips accurately and efficiently. You can use it with or without the gloves, and it works smoothly. You will get to see a fast-focus eye-box and a rear adjustable ring. The product offers smooth functioning and great gripping. 

XTR II Range Performance

Zeroing in this scope is simple, and you can do it quickly. The turrets are a bit stiff to operate but work effectively. It is 1000 yards scope and is very powerful with its 40X magnification, and you will get a better view and zooming. You can easily capture a long-distance target and shoot fail-proof. 

It is the ideal scope for extended-range shooters, hunters, and individuals who like long-distance shooting. The Burris XTR II 8-40×50 is a good investment for a greater range of scope. It will last longer and allow you to get better in the skill. The features you get for this price point are unique and make this product worth your buy. F-class MOA 

The object has its vertical-line in the first FP or focal plane. Ideally, the first focal plane is a more specific option, and the scope offers this to you. With this adjustment, the reticle will stay the same as you zoom in and zoom out. 

Also, the MOA markings are quite useful for scaling up to any range. The MOA reticle with the 0.5MOA grid-design is remarkable. The secondary offset-crosshair allows an additional 20 MOA adjustments with a horizontal wind-holdoff reference. This reticle is called F class MOA and is fantastic as it aims quite precisely.

Image Quality

The object will deliver you nice and crisp images. The scope is built to find the targets very quickly and gives an excellent background. It makes you ready for all kinds of terrains and works perfectly fine for long-distance shooting. The quality of images you will get in this is better than the other scope for this price range. Get a better view, a clear vision, and achieve your goal.

Mounting The Scope

The Burris arrives with a 34mm main-tube, easy to jack up on your rifle. The right kind of rings will make it convenient and easy. The Burris XTR rings are ideal, as they will hold the scope better without much torque application on the barrel. Also, they will give a clear view and not obstruct what you want to see.

Burris XTR II 8-40X50 Mounted On My Sniper
  • The Burris XTR II offers you excellent build quality. 
  • The product operation is relatively easy.
  • This is the MOA scope, which comes with a matching reticle.
  • The mirage appears, avoiding you to see the full sharp image (when it is hot)


A good scope is a significant investment if you shoot frequently. It will improve your skills, give you confidence and accuracy. For long-range shooters, the Burris XTR II 8-40×50 is worth buying. It arrives with rugged housing and remarkable features. It delivers you precise and sharp images with its top-notch glass quality. It is fair for the price point and worth investing in. We have mentioned the complete details of the Burris XTR II 8-40×50 in our read. It will help you decide whether or not it’s fit for your use.

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