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EoTech 512 Weapon Sight – Top Brand Review | Hunting Hoop

The EOTech 512 is a very popular holographic viewfinder for the shooter. It indicates if you are looking for the best in speed and versatility EOTech 512 can be the best choice. Today we will give you a short EOTech 512 review. Having such a high autonomy EOTech 512 is the favorite of various American marines and bodies.

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

  • 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Water Resistant
  • 10 year limited warranty

Let us move on to the features and the EOTech 512 review

This holographic sight is an updated device even richer and more complete than the other version. It covers the wide panorama of our hunting passion. It seems clear by leafing through it. Our specialization has always been that of the fascinating and complex theme of ball hunting. You will find the most impressive brands in the world both in long guns of any kind of the optics. In short, everything that concerns hunting purpose.


The classic and refined design of the EOTech 512 combined with the high technology of an innovative stock and a special finish. That guarantees maximum protection even in the most extreme hunting conditions by 20 brightness levels helps to make the correct brightness control clear vision and a good contrast even in low light conditions.

It has medium hunting profile is long with standard metal sights. The steel action designed to mount the optics, with straight handlebar with a spherical knob, for maximum drive readiness. All steel parts are coated with the special, anti-reflective and anti-corrosion finish with digital electronics design. It is an ambidextrous thumbhole with adjustable support and soft touch finish.

One of the best results models is the one proposed by EOTech. Also for this product, it is worth highlighting the advantageous quality/price ratio. Among the strong points of the eotech 512 holographic sights is the sharpness of the image obtained by the onboard microprocessor. The microprocessor controls a programmable auto shutdown features, brightness scrolling up and down and battery indicator

The product stands out, then, for the great maneuverability for which it is very convenient to use. Its great compactness and lightness make it ideal when you need to travel light, for example, when you go to see a concert, a game, or when you go hunting or hiking. With the vigorous magnum calibers, the possibility to mount the optional mouth brake becomes even more interesting and effective.


It is free from Parallax and Magnification is 1xl holographic sight Unlimited Eye Gauge Anti-reflective and anti-glare on Front Lens Dust Proof, Shock Proof. The operating temperature of this holographic sight is 20 to 150 F also waterproof.  Proof Parallax Correction and Unlimited Eye Distance -Perfect for all Terrain and All Weather Conditions – Compatible with 1 inch Weaver Rail Length you can get one AA battery. EOTech holographic viewfinder offers side positioning of the control buttons, the new release system, and quick coupling. It is much more compact and lighter than the other models in the 5XX series.  It leaves more space on the 1-inch Picatinny rail. The 0 model is equipped with a 65 MOA reticle and 1 MOA point. Circle 65 MOA with 2 red dots overlapped by 1 MOA. The central point serves for precise shots on objectives from 0 to 300 meters. The lower point is for above 300 meters.

Why Eotech 512 is Best For You

  • Combat speed
  • Versatility
  • Boosts accuracy
  • Best control level
  • Unlimited Eye relief
  • Compatible

Characteristics Of Eotech 512

  • Water-resistant: Submersible up to 10 feet deep
  • 1100 hours battery life with AA
  • The reticle of redpoint 1 MOA and circle of 65 MOA
  • 2 AA alkaline or lithium batteries.
  • Metal protective enclosure included
  • Quick disassembly kit included.
  • Mounts directly on Lane Weaver or Picatinny
  • Free Magnification 1x. Increases
  • Length / Width / Height: 5 x 1.8 x 2.2 inches.
  • Weight: 10.9 ounces
  • Temperature of use: -40º to 160º F
  • Sealing of internal optics
  • Finish: matt black
  • Adjustment: (per click): 0.5 MOA (1/2 “to 100 yards)
  • Adjustment range: +/- 40 MOA clicks
  • Optics surface: Anti-glare coating
  • Window dimensions: 30 x 23mm
  • Window material: 1/8 “glass
  • Brightness settings: 20 settings.
  • Quick disassembly kit included.
  • Battery status indicator: flashing grid when starting
  • This optics is perfect for those who seek the highest speed and versatility at the time of aiming.
  • The Model 552 has been designed to increase the engagement speed of the target even after the solo has dropped.
  • Users can find in the new holographic sight made by EOTech 552.
  • It has a perfect smoothness and adjustable brightness levels.
  • The 518 works with 20 Brightness Settings that offers to use in dark or light situations.
  • This device guarantees for maximum safety.
  • In the display window, a shooter can see the virtual red image of a reticle pattern expected against the target plane.
  • Its operation 20 brightness setting seems complicated to new users. Due to its misuse, the holographic sight may not give a proper result. So you need to know well about its usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between Red Dot and Green Dot apart from color?

Technically the red reticle is easier to visualize under the most diverse types of environment. The green reticle is more suitable for nighttime use because its brightness contrasts more sharply in low lighting conditions than the red one, which may eventually merge with a cigarette butt flame, incandescent lights, car lanterns, and so on.

Where does a real EOTech is made?

A real eotech is made by the USA.

Can I adjust this EOTech holographic sight for any vision like a Hunting scope?

No. It is only a holographic project on a part of clear sight.


We hope that this journey within the targeting optics was of interest to you. As evident, the holographic sights, apparently simple aluminum tubes, instead contain notable and complex technological contents, accurate mechanical and sophisticated optical systems.  To conclude, let’s say that the main thing that changes from the various models is the shape and the way they are powered. This model, in particular, uses 2 AA battery to save on battery charge and have a longer life has a system of auto shut-off settable at 4 or 8 hours. There is not much to add, as it is a pointing system. You can consider the purely functional explanation ended and you can move on to some photos of the actual product. In practice, it is very efficient it has the inconvenience of denouncing the target precisely by the detection of the holographic sight. That can quickly indicate the position of the shooter.

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