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EOTech 518 Review – Perfect Holo Sight | Hunting Hoop

The Eotech 518 is the expected development of the standard Eotech 512. The EOTech 518 review from the users has proven it is the most reliable and fastest aiming method with the effective reticle. That is why eotech band has been implanted in the elite units of the armies. This Eotech 518 is used in same principle similar to a red dot sight.  However, its holographic reticle is difficult and eventually more useful than the general red dot. The holographic projection functions have unlimited eye relief. That does not need more than a point of reference when aiming. Therefore, speed and efficiency are superior to any other known system. Its advantages have been recognized by most of the armies of the world that have implanted it in their elite units.

EOTECH 518 Holographic Weapon Sight

  • EOTECH 518.A65 – Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle
  • The price is more affordable than other viewfinders.
  • Adjustable Brightness  With Side Button Operation.
  • Comes with 10 year limited warranty.

From The Following EOTech 518 Review

Eotech 518 Features

The Eotech 518 viewer features a holographic viewfinder created by the American company. That use technology based on the system Holographic Weapon Sight system. The difference of this viewer with the rest of existing brands in the market is that the projection of the reticle on the screen is done by laser, and not by a mere LED like the others. The technical differences are important, as is its top view, red spot size at any distance. That never covers the part and others of great importance in their technical superiority in performance over the red dots led projection. Its front windows are made of hard glass with a shatter-resistant cover and the buttons are located on the side.

Eotech 518 Performance

The 518 A 65 carries the laser battery ceiling that adds to the optic and performs as visible lasers. It has 2 transversely placed AA battery. The EOTech 518 works with AA batteries. Used in F-14 Tomcats warplanes, this technology is based on the projection of a hologram on a glass screen. It allows users to acquire a target much faster and more accurately. It is enough to place the EOTech grid on our target and shoot to get an accurate impact. The runtime is 1,000-hr. runtime with lithium at normal setting, 600-hr. runtime at normal setting with alkaline.

Eotech 518 Magnification Compatibility

EOTech manufactures holographic sights for hunting and defense. The most common models to hunt are EOTech 512.A65, EXPS2-0, and XPS2. Also, possess a red dot grid of 1 MOA with a circle of 65 MOA that favors hunting in motion. All adjustment, ignition, and compatibility control with night vision are on the sides, facilitating their handling. It also stands out because it contains an Allen key, a protective metal casing. It can submerge up to 10 meters deep water, with internal optics sealing.

The latter has a size of approximately half that of 518 A65. We can choose it with grid 6 or 60, not illuminated or illuminated respectively. The reticle is in the focal plane. So in this case, we will control the exact distance worse, by not increasing the size of the cross, by increasing the magnification. It has 20 levels of light intensity regulation and an automatic shut-off system to avoid consuming the battery. It also detects the movement of the weapon and the viewfinder turns on automatically.

Why Eotech 518 Best For For You

  • Body made of high strength aluminum
  • Compatible
  • Fast target gaining
  • Compatible Magnifier
  • Strong battery power

Specification For Eotech 518

  • Model Number:       EO518
  • Reticle:               68 MOA ring with 1 MOA dot
  • Finish:                 Non-reflective hard coat
  • Magnification:          1
  • Reticle Color: Red
  • Mount:                1″ Weaver or Mil-STD-1913 rail mount
  • Finish:                 Matte
  • Hood Assembly:     Aluminum
  • Fogproof:            Yes
  • Waterproof:        Resistant up to 10 ft. (3 m) deep
  • Battery Type:      Two AA batteries
  • Battery Life:      Lithium continuous 1000 hours / alkaline 600 hours
  • Dimensions:         5 x 3.5 x 6.8 inches
  • Weighs:               4 pounds
  • Adjustment:         20 daylight brightness settings
  • Nitrogen-purged optical cavity
  • Night Vision Compatibility: NO
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Battery life:                Lithium 1,100 hours approximately, Alkaline about 600 hours
  • The price is more affordable than other viewfinders.
  • It is a viewer to use by hunters of all types, beginners or not, who are looking for reliability.
  • You can adjust side buttons easily
  • It is a robust, reliable and precise viewfinder
  • The multilayer treatment of the lenses provides an excellent transmission of light and sharpness of the image.
  • Ideal for quick target achievement with two-eye open shooting
  • The locking quick-detach lever is adjustable and fits both 1 MIL-STD-1913 rail and Weaver
  • It has an extremely resistant system to damage
  • This Viewfinder is perfect for hunting and day hunting, very versatile and comfortable. Some hunters choose before the red dot or holographic viewfinders.
  • We will get on the viewfinders with a greater diameter of the objective.
  • There is a lack of an option for night vision mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can you use the batteries?

You can use the batteries for almost one year.

Does the eotech 518 have two-dot with a reticle?

No it has only 1 dot with the circle

Is there a large difference between eotech 518 and the 512?

in the eotech 518, the brightness settings located on the side, where eotech 512 contain it at the back. Eotech 518 brightness adjustment is much easier than eotech 512.


We have known from EOTech 518 review the range of eotech 518 gives an excellent result. The range of viewers is one of the best selling viewers in the United States. The first thing that strikes us about the range is its light transmission and the price of the viewfinder. This viewer stands out mainly for its effectiveness and versatility. Since it seems that, it is made to hunt the piece in motion. Its range of increases allows shooting in a fast and intuitive way.

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