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Introduces Eotech 558 Review – King Of Holo Sight | Hunting Hoop

In recent years, it has been common for the observer to notice the proliferation of optical sights coupled with rifles. This holographic sight represents a technological advance for several tactical purposes and makes its operator a multiplying force. The EOTech holographic viewers provide a clear view while targeting.  EOTech produces views of holographic weapons, optical sights have a vertical mounting window. It shows a holographic reticle. EOTech viewers run on batteries and use the same technology as the heads-up displays used in combat aircraft and combat helicopters. The advantage of EOTech 558 is the view is visible at different light levels and angles. Despite the difference in design, sighting at an EOTech holographic weapon sight is similar to sighting in a conventional show. The objective of this article is to give eotech 558 review details to the readers.

EOTECH 558 Holographic Weapon Sight

  • Highly functional
  • Fast targeting ability
  • Easy to operate and 100% adjustable
  • Lightweight aluminum housing with Quick-release Picatinny
  • Waterproof and internally fog-resistant

Introduces to Eotech 558

With this new optic, EOTech has replaced the ones they had been using lately. The EOTech holographic ones that were less robust and much less capable. The arrival of the EOTech 558 is an interesting contribution to the forces and a reinforcement of their capabilities. This type of visors is compact and especially resistant to harsh treatment. The Army decided to acquire them together with the light machine guns already used it. That equips the platoons with various Infantry units.

Features For Eotech 558

Undoubtedly, eotech 558 is one of the most desirable sights for its L3 Technologies, aesthetics, and performance, adjustable objective. You can change between the red and green color, raise and lower the intensity of light for greater comfort. It works with 2 AA batteries, has an automatic shutdown system at 2 hours of not pressing any button. Some competitors are already emerging, as serious as the Multi-purpose Aiming Reflex Sight of High Accuracy Multi-Range riflescope. It combines an optical aiming module and a red dot system in the same set. The eotech 558 works with 65 MOA for incredible reflex shooting in secure quarters actions. This flexible usability is fixed with its 90 inches field of view with unlimited eye relief.

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It is compatible with the generation of I-III night vision devices. The MOA aiming point has the capability of accuracy about 300 yards. The optical outside of this holographic viewer included with an anti-reflective coating. It resists an objective from seeing any night vision or red dot glare improvement. Features For Eotech 558 The laser battery caps are planned to perform for growing aiming speed and ability to aim. EOTech side magnifiers switch position also makes ideal for use. It is perfectly machined are not only the foundations with which the series is built but also the key to a functional modular system. It comes with optics and lenses the sight has the advantage of offering excellent value for money. In this sense, it is one of the best holographic sights available on the market.

The EOTech 558 Holographic Weapon Sight features an illuminated holographic red dot reticle and anti-reflection multicoated optics. Constructed with lightweight aluminum housing with corrosion and scratch-resistant black anodized finish. This is a great short-range sight (EoTech 550) and with the multiplier, it is a good mid-range site. Its side button operation is ideal for use with a G33 Magnifier.

Specification For Eotech 558

Model number: 558. A65
Night Vision Compatibility :  Yes
Length / Width / Height      :  6 “x 2.2″ x 2.9”
Window Dimensions         : – 1.20″ x 0.85
Brightness: 20 daylight settings and 10-night vision settings for Gen I through III
Adjustment Range:  – 40+/- MOA elevation
Sight Configuration: 65 MOA ring with 1 MOA dot
Weapon Mount: 1.0” Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
Windage: 5 MOA per click
Waterproof: Resistant up to 10 ft. (3 m) deep
Attack: 1 “Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
Power supply: 2 AA (alkaline, Supports lithium, or rechargeable batteries)
Voltage: 1.5 volt
Battery life: Lithium about 1,100 hours, Alkaline about 600 hours
Weight: 2 g
Color : Non-reflective black
Quick-Detach (QD) lever
  • The first seeks to be able to make accurate shots
  • It gives the ability to have quick sighting picture and accuracy
  • This holographic sight has a solid construction.
  • It has an additional night vision settings along with daylight lighting settings.
  • The red dot is much improved. In full light, it can be seen perfectly.
  • The brightness is adjustable so in dark places, you can use it smoothly.
  • The mirror effect is greatly improved enough not to bother you.
  • It is perfectly usable on sunny days.
  • They carry markings are appreciated by the users.
  • The long duration of the 2 AA battery ensures a long time back up.
  • You can see the view whatever at day, night, sun, and rain. Even if you look at the sky clearly, you still see it without problems.
  • It comes with 10-year limited warranty.
  • This holographic sight works with all Gen 1-3 night vision devices.
  • You may feel discomfort to shout down the EOTech 558. To shout down you need to presses together up and down key and arrow buttons at the same time.
  • Although this system is 100% adjustable sometimes, you may be failed in any of the 2 regulations due to misuse.
  • If the regulation screws are broken, with which it remains fixed.

Video Review For Eotech 558


Among its commercial competition the EOTech, s a holographic brand that has achieved a good number of sales among police and military agencies. It’s Head-up Display and special circular grid display helps to achieve impacts especially compromised situations. Even the hunters have bought it for MG4 machine guns. Eotech 558 is the advanced combat Optical Gunsight. It is extremely compact, resistant and with a 4-fold lens. This is easy to achieve remarkable groupings at medium distances, being an optimal design for assault rifles. The US Marines and some contingents of forces use it. They have given very good eotech 558 rereviews. The objective of this article is to inform the readers with all types of features of eotech 558 sights, its use and basic technical information. Many times when looking for a hunting viewer we are overwhelmed by the possibilities offered by the market. So we hope that with these parameters we have offered the decision will be easier.

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  1. I bought the 558.A65 and G33.STS as an upgrade from my the Vortex Strikeforce I have had on my AR for the last few years. I had high expectations but was not impressed. I have since gone back to the Vortex and like it much better…clearer picture, easier to adjust (the 558 adjustments had to be turned opposite from the instuctions to move the reticle) and just seemed like a better scope.


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