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Eotech XPS2 Review – Sight With Magnifier | Hunting Hoop

Have a problem with aiming while shooting? You cannot fire if your aim is not right. OK, I am not offending you, here I will help you to fix your aim problem. All you need is the best holographic sight with a magnifier. This will reduce your problem with the red dot sight, and you will become an expert in shooting even over a long distance.

Now arises the next problem that is which one is the best one. If you ask me to recommend the best holographic sight then I will say use EOTech XPS2. This holographic weapon sight not only works with your aim; you can shoot with ease without missing your target from anywhere you want.  In this eotech xps2 review, you will have all the information’s about this wonderful smallest and lightest holographic sight. So stay tuned.

EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

  • The weapon sight comes in a comfortable size.
  • ​You can use it with other tools efficiently.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.

Best Holographic Sight For The Money

You may ask why eotech out of all other companies? Well, the eotech series is now the best holographic sight in the market. The U.S. military, F.B.I. And hundreds of security forces are the primary user of this sight weapon. You will find the gun reliable, accurate and easy to operate. As Eotech has different types of sight weapon, shooters have to pick the one that is compatible with their weapons.

For experienced and novice hunters who especially go hunting in the daytime, eotech xps2 is the best option. You will get this in the best price on eotech.

Users will find this sight easy and quick to attach that makes the process adjustable. As it has no option for night vision sight, it is only for daytime shooters. You can target objects that are 100 yards away easily. You can hunt birds and small animals with this sight weapon.

What to consider while buying a holographic sight

Yes, it is essential to know what points will help you to pick the one you need for your weapon. The points are:

  • The size of the red dot. The MOA measures it. With it, you can calculate the distance of hunting your target.
  • You have to pick the size of the holographic site depending on your weapon size.
  • Pick the weapon sight has a long battery life.
  • The weapon sight has to be easy to use or else there is no use to use a holographic weapon sight.
  • The level of brightness has to be perfect in all situation because in hunting you have to focus on the target and it has to be clear
  • The weapon sight has to be waterproof because you have to go outside with it.
  • Pick the one that has automatic power shut down on and off. It helps to save time while hunting.

Why use eotech xps2?

  • This product is straightforward to use. There is power on and off button; it is automatic. You can use it per your use and will not face any problem
  • When you go for hunting, it is obvious that you will have to work in sun and rain. There is no problem with the sun, but some products have a problem with water. But this eotech xps2 is fully waterproof; you will face no problem when you are aiming your target in the rain.
  • You will enjoy the eye relief view with this sight weapon. You will not face any visibility problem while aiming.
  • You can attach more accessories with this sight weapon, and you can set 20 brightness setting if you need to.

Features of Eotech XPS2

Your target will be quick with this holographic sight. The optics of this weapon sight is crystal clear and will allow you to move your head round to shoot with accuracy. The hood is made from rough aluminum material that keeps it long-lasting and controls impact. You can mount it on any rails; this is the advantage of this sight weapon. As it comes in small size and is light in weight, hunters prefer this sight weapon for their weapon.

  • This weapon sight is holographic.
  • It comes in lightweight, compact and 1x magnification sight.
  • There is a laser light that illuminates the red holographic reticle on the target.
  • When you use this weapon sight, your accuracy, control, and the target will get improved.
  • You will have rail space to attach magnifiers, iron sights.
  • There is a lithium battery in this weapon sight.
  • The weapon sight comes in a comfortable size.
  • You can use it with other tools efficiently.
  • When the power button gets on, the sight starts to work immediately.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Anyone can use it as it is comfortable to use and adjustable.
  • The technology is fast and easy to operate.
  • The target will be noticed fast with the advanced focusing sight.
  • Your eye will stay relief with this sight weapon as the optics are clear and you can see with both eyes open.
  • This weapon is waterproof.
  • You can focus on your target with the red dot which is extremely reliable.
  • The sight has non- reflective black paint finish that helps your view to stay clear.
  • The light power is adjustable and can be controlled.
  • With 20 different settings, the light balance is just perfect.
  • As the battery of this sight weapon comes with lithium made, they are expensive and difficult to find.
  • The battery life is short.
  • Not for hunting in long distance.
  • You cannot customize the red dot
  • No night vision in this sight weapon.


In this eotech xps2 review, I think you have all the information that you want to know. This sight is durable and affordable for all. Though you cannot work with it at night as it has no night vision, you will be satisfied with it when you will work with it on daytime. If you compare with it with other sights and magnifiers, you will find eotech xps2 a unique and reliable one. If you love to hunt at daylight, make sure to attach this sight on your rifle and make your hunting exciting.

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