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Eotech XPS3 Review – Features, Pros & Cons | Hunting Hoop

Eotech xps3 is a powerful Holographic Viewfinder for mounted use, for the identification of objectives and area lighting. Eotech xps3 is one of the most compact models in the market. It uses a single 123A battery with a very long duration of use. This Viewfinder is ideal for maximum speed and easily mounted on rifles at aiming. It is to designate a type of viewer for the primary mission was, and still provide every armed soldier. This viewfinder is a robust and precise red dot electronic optical sight for use with two open eyes that increases its effectiveness in shooting.  The main characteristic of this type of viewer is the lack of optics for increases. So that they can be used in confrontations both short (0 to 50 meters) and medium distance (up to 200 meters). Here is the EOTech xps3 review along with its detailed features.

EOTECH XPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight

  • Easy to operate
  • The best protection from water, fog, weight weath
  • Powerful RED/green red Dot
  • Great contrast
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to install

Let’s Start Eotech XPS3 Review With Full Features And Bunch of Pros & Cons

EOTech XPS3 Features

The EXPS3-0 holographic sight uses the CR123 model battery. That makes it easier to reduce the length of the scope, making it even more compact, with an average life of 600 hours. The Reticle is a 65 MOA ring with 1 MOA focal point or a 65 MOA ring with 2 points the objective 1 MOA. The shortened base requires 2 3/4 inches of track space. The XPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight is designed for accurate sighting of targets with a 40mm low-speed grenade fired from the military launcher. It allows the operator to keep the focus of the eye on the target. There is a superposition of the holographic reticle on the target. That appears to the operator as if projected on the target. A wide variety of accessories is available for the tactical lights. The night vision mode is to provide objective or area lighting in complete darkness. It is resistant to water protection up to 10 feet deep.

This Holographic sight is attachable for combat in confined environments with the capacity for connection in Picatinny rail. Short adjustment side buttons; – 1x magnification advanced base of 7mm Parallax-free the image viewed through the viewfinder or the lens are exactly the same. By the Eye-relief unlimited maximum distance, the eyes can be removed from the eyepieces, without reducing the field of vision. The battery protection system is efficient in order to save energy. It provides a fast and accurate means of optical alignment of any laser sight, metal sights, day optics, or thermal sights that are mounted on a weapon, without the need for shots. This robust thermal imaging device allocates surveillance and recognition of targets in difficult conditions, smoke, low light, light snow, total darkness, and including rain.

Electrical Features

  • Brightness adjustment range: 146,000: 1 brighter to less bright.
  • Power supply: 1-volt lithium battery, model CR123.
  • Adjustment: 30 settings with scroll feature (10 setting with NV)
  • Battery life: 600 hours, approximately.
  • System for automatic switch-off: from 8 hours and programmable to 4 hours.
  • Automatic battery charge indicator: reticle that turns on when.
  • Brightness range of night vision: 1.280: 1, with coupled NV.

Why Eotech XPS3 Best For You

  • Protective metal housing.
  • Robust, military use.
  • Quick disassembly kit.
  • Compatible with night vision.
  • Compact size.
  • Lightweight.
  • Parallax free.
  • Waterproof.
  • Display Back Finish with Impact Resistant Laminate.

Specification For Eotech XPS3

  • Optics: Holographic Transmission.
  • Magnification: 1 x.
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited.
  • Manufactured with military standard.
  • Sealing of internal optics.
  • Dimensions of the window: 30 x 23 mm.
  • Matte finish.
  • Weight: 250 gram.
  • Total length: 95 mm.
  • Waterproof / Anti-fog: yes
  • Eye to eye distance: Unlimited.
  • Reticle: Red dot 1 MOA illuminated
  • Correction of the impact point per click: 0.5 MOA
  • Finish the front of the display: Solid glass 1/8″
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° to + 50 ° C.
  • Field of View: 28m, up to 4 “of sight.
  • Autonomy for 600 hours
  • 30 brightness settings.
  • Adjustment range: +/- 40 MOA clicks
  • Side buttons are adjustable and provide higher end optic performance.
  • A quick-connect system with a lever for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • It is compatible with 10-night vision and 20 daylight brightness settings.
  • It provides fast acquisition and contact with the target.
  • Optical surface with anti-glare.
  • It offers rapid target achievement and co-witnessed sighting.
  • The new Extreme EXPS features are easy to adjust side buttons
  • A quick-release pull lever helps for easy mounting and dismounting.
  • It’s Battery maintaining its performance by 500-600 hours strong backup.
  • There is a doubt about glower on the object without lens tinting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to put it in a rifle with Apel bases placed in the semiautomatic?

to be able to fit the viewer, you need a fixed holographic strip of the Apel brand.

what is the difference between the 1 moa reticle and the 65 moa circle?

The choice of 1 moa or circle of 65 moa goes in the taste of each person or the distances for which it can be used if 65 moa can be more versatile

what is the difference between the red point alone and the point with a circle, with which one is pulled better?

The EOTech XPS3-0 Holographic Viewfinder, easier to face is the point with a circle.

Eotech XPS3 UnBox And Overview


It is especially useful for emergency maneuvers and quick entrances through windows, walls, fences, and roofs. The optional scaling system enables hands-free operation during transport. The design puts heavier components directly adjacent. EOTech EXPS3-0 Viewfinder is the modern holographic made by the brand. That controls the genuine viewers in the market. This Viewfinder avoids the possibility of unnecessary discharge of the battery by switching off automatically by closing the lens. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, once closed it allows to easily using the metal sights of the weapon on which it is mounted. It is suitable for mounting on both short arms and long guns.

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