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The Beginner’s Guide of Ghillie Suit for Coyote Hunting

Coyotes can be hunted round the year in many states. A hunter needs some sound strategy to locate, hunt, and successfully shoot coyotes.

They have been known to attack people or pets if they feel threatened by them. Coyote hunting is the most effective way of getting rid of these pests without any harm coming to them other than death.

Ghillie suits for coyote hunting are some of the most successful coyote hunting gear because they give you an advantage by making you practically invisible during your hunts.

Built for hunting in dense vegetation, these suits have a full-length zipper with a ghillie hood that covers your entire head and neck like a cloak so you can get close to prey without being seen. With this suit on, you’re as good as invisible!

For those who hunt coyotes, they know that the best way to get close enough for a shot is by using a ghillie suit. However, if you are not an avid hunter and have never used one before – it can be difficult to figure out which type of Predator Ghillie Suit will work best for your needs.

No worries. In this article, I will go through the basic ghillie suit hunting tips and tricks.

For you on how to camouflage your full body and stuff so that you blend right in with your surroundings. What you need in order to choose the right and the best type of suit and where you can find them at reasonable prices.  head over to my full Guide on how ghillie suits work!

What is a Ghillie Suit

What is a Ghillie Suit?

This is a very effective way to camouflage a ghillie suit yourself. It’s been around for centuries and has evolved from the military into being used in many different hunting situations. The suit consists of two main parts, an outer layer made of burlap or netting, and an inner layer that you can wear underneath your clothes to keep warm.

A lot of people don’t know much about them, so I’m going to tell you all about it!

Ghillies are traditionally worn with headgear such as hats or hoods with foliage attached. However, this isn’t required for effectiveness but does help make the hunter more covert by breaking up their human shape and adding texture to their silhouette. Either way, ghillie suits hiding work great your figure.

Ghillie Suit For Coyote Hunting – How Does It Work?

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Ghillie suit is camouflage clothing made of netting and other textiles that makes you practically invisible in the forest while hunting.

These suits are designed specifically for hunters who want to hunt coyotes at night. Ghillie Suit and Coyote calling gear

make it easier by making you look like a bush or tree from a far, while still providing protection against branches and leaves when stalking your prey.

The ghillie suit for hunting combines camo patterned fabric with natural vegetation attached to its outward like grasses, mosses, twigs etc. This constructs an effective camouflage because it mimics surroundings so well.

Ghillie camo suits depend on many factors to take into consideration when choosing a ghillie suit such as where you will be hunting, what type of terrain you’ll be in, your climate and budget. One thing is for certain- no matter which one you choose, your chances of success will increase dramatically!

A ghillies suit also provides excellent protection against thorns and branches which could otherwise tear clothes if worn without this type of gear.

The Best Time of Year to Hunt Coyotes With a Ghillie Suit

The Best Time of Year to Hunt Coyotes With a Ghillie Suit

Hunters who enjoy the thrill of hunting coyotes with a ghillie suit will find that there are plenty of opportunities to do so in North America. Coyotes can be found just about anywhere, but they prefer warmer climates like the Southwestern United States and Mexico.

In these areas, you’ll find year-round populations of coyotes that make them easy prey for hunters wearing camouflage clothing.  

For those who don’t want to travel too far from home, it’s possible to hunt coyotes in New England as well as Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware during the winter months when snow is on the ground and temperatures are frigid.

The best time of year for this type of hunting is December through February because it’s not only cold but the best time to hunt coyotes.

How To Use A Ghillie Suit

How To Use A Ghillie Suit

The Ghillie Suit is a camouflage suit used for hunting. It looks like vegetation and it makes the hunter difficult to see in the wild. The suit is usually made of burlap, cotton, or synthetic material that resembles leaves and branches.

The suit also has an elastic headband that holds fake grass on top of a person’s head so they can blend into their surroundings even better.

Besides hunting, these suits are also used by military snipers along with Camo sniper veil who work as long-range hunters with rifles to find targets in battle zones from hidden positions on rooftops and hillsides where they lay quietly waiting to shoot at enemy troops below them.

The Ghillie Suit is worn over clothing such as jeans or trousers.

You can make your own ghillie suit at home with some basic materials if you know what design you want. If not, there are plenty of patterns available online to choose from!

Types of Ghillie Suits

Ghillies can be as simple or as complex as one would like to make them, but they all share some common characteristics: green-brown colors for blending in with foliage, an uneven pattern of leaves on their surface for breaking up the human form, and often a net backing to help blend the wearer into any background.

There are many different types of Ghillie Como Suits out there depending on your needs:

  • Woodland Ghillie Suit
  • Mossy Ghillie Suit
  • Desert Ghillie suit and
  • Leafy Ghillie suit

This will give you the colors basic to make that pattern Ghillie suit.

Let’s explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of using one while hunting or for other purposes.

  • It offers excellent protection from cold weather due to its ability to trap air within its mesh exterior.
  • The Ghillie suit helps them get a clear shot without being seen by their prey.
  • The suit is also perfect for military personnel who want to stay hidden in areas with heavy brush or foliage.
  • Hunters use this suit to hide from their prey and it can be found in many environments.
  • It can get very hot on warmer day
  •  Difficult to move around with (you cannot see your hands or feet when you’re wearing itIt   takes up a lot of space in your bag or vehicle)
  • They can be expensive
  • Ghillie suits can restrict movement so much that you have difficulty carrying out your intended tasks such as stalking prey or climbing fences.
Tips on Using The Terrain Effectively

Ghillie Suit For Coyote Hunting | Tips on Using The Terrain Effectively | When You Are Wearing a Ghillie Suit:

In order to use the terrain while wearing a hunting camouflage suit, you need to understand how that terrain affects movement and noise before making any decisions on when to move or shoot.

Which acts like insulation against both heat loss through convection currents (wind) and conduction of heat away from your body via direct contact with the ground. Additionally, many suits are designed so they can be worn over some regular clothes.

Know which direction the wind is blowing from at all times so that if there’s a change, you know and can adjust accordingly – If possible, try not to walk through thick vegetation like brush as they may snag on your suit.

Ghillie Suit for Deer Hunting

In an effort to increase the odds of a successful deer hunting trip, many hunters will wear camouflage clothing. Ghillie suit deer hunting and hiding in the brush is a good way to conceal your presence from deer.

There are several ways that you can protect yourself from these pesky animals while still wearing camo clothes. One way is by using a ghillie suit for deer hunting.

These full-body camo suits cover your entire body with leaves and other natural materials so it’s hard for coyotes to detect where you’re at!

Ghillie Suit for Deer Hunting

Frequently Asked Questions

Steps to follow after: Sew the pieces together by stitching them in either a crisscross or line stitch. You can use thread of any color as long as it’s natural looking and blends in well with the environment (camouflage) that you are hunting in.

Final Words

The ghillie suit for coyote hunting might be challenging at first. But as time goes on, you’ll get better. You will notice a significant improvement in your skills the more often you use the suit (along with mastering camouflage) which will eventually lead to a fruitful hunt.

I bet there will be a significant improvement in your hunting results and concealment efforts.  So go out there this season and have an excellent time!

Happy Hunting!

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