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Holosun HS403A Review – Solar Power Micro Red Dot Sight | Hunting Hoop

Holosun is an American company. The goal of this company is to offer products high-quality Micro Red Dot with the most competitive price. Holosun places the target systems in the base range of its high-end equivalent half of a mid-range product. In its category of reference, Holosun proposes itself at the top of the ranking Red Dot Sight. Holosun offers micro red dot sight with interesting characteristics and overall in the unique price range. Let’s see the details features with holosun HS403A review.

HOLOSUN HS403A Solar Power Micro Red Dot Sight, Black

  • Low Profile Mount included.

This holosun HS403A perfect and comparable to the best. The optic will activate automatically when you pick up the rifle. The low light setting is perfect for night time too, and there’s tons of settings between high and low. Why you pick, because of it’s advantage technology.

Reviews of Holosun HS403A

Auto-switching: The auto- shutoff function is a convenient feature. The aiming system can immediately set for use. As its evolution, it comes with adjustable beam power up to the most advanced models.

Battery power:

One of the most interesting features is Holosun advantage technology. Thanks to it the very long life cycle of batteries. It integrates into the power supply system of the dot. The auto shutoff mode automatically adjusts the brightness of the reticle/point according to ambient light conditions. All the hidden housings mounts are made to CNC with T6061T6 aluminum treated with plasma electrolyte oxidation. That makes fewer to block your view.

LED technologies:

Red dot small and compact, which uses new, LED technologies. That can carry a CR2032  battery up to 50,000 hours of life. An LED light has the possibility to have the edge with the microdots. The device is activated with a slight visual movement. That can be installed on various firearms such as shotguns, pistols, rifles, and crossbows. A special glass treated with a multi-layer finish is used to ensure a clear vision with the intent. That ensures zero parallax phenomenon. We find the red dot with a 30 mm tube.The microdot category incorporates different variants of dots tubes comparable to the Micro T1 / T2 as dimensions. There are many variations to choose from, each with unique features to satisfy the different needs and preferences of the shooter. These differences concern the position of the battery section. The type of power supply can be solar or traditional. The type of housing used the equipment kill flash or flip-up dust cover the presence or absence of the ignition system.


The number of models has different functions. You can see a holosun HS403A review from the individual product sheets to find the most suitable type. Starting from the entry-level model you will get solar mode, protection for the adjustment towers, switchable dot, kill flash and QD mount, in practice of the high-level features. The Holosun microdots are perfectly compatible with all market mounts dedicated to the micro Aim point T1.

In the open reflex category, there are several models of reflex sight differ in the size of the acquisition range, ranging from open sight models. The last category concerns the laser lighting / pointing systems. In this case, Holosun offers us different solutions. It goes from the simple laser pointer as with single function with a double laser.


  • Model: HS403A
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 100 feet in immersion
  • 12 levels of brightness settings where 2-night vision levels compatible
  • Aluminum body T6061-T6
  • Multilayer lenses with very low dispersion
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.6 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Shake awake system: automatic ignition with movement
  • Multilayer cover for all lenses
  • Dot size: 2 MOA
  • Settings per click: 0.5 MOA
  • Replaceable battery without having to disassemble the Red Dot
  • Battery life: 50,000 hour
  • Battery output: 3 volt
  • Auto-shut-off after 8 hours
  • Color: black

Why Holosun HS403A is best?

  • Best accuracy
  • High-quality clear lens with crisp
  • Bright red dot
  • Auto shut offsettable from 1 to 8 hours of inactivation
  • Parallax free optical system
  • High-quality sight
  • Variation per click 0.5 MOA
  • The positioning of the control buttons: Visual obstruction
  • A high-quality system with almost no parallax error.
  • It provides unlimited eye relief extraction.
  • Visual obstruction reduced to a minimum with push-button controls and aerodynamic design.
  • It creates an advanced and extraordinarily compact aiming system
  • 12 intensity levels (10 daytime + 2 for low light situations).
  • Storing brightness settings.
  • It is perfect for day and night use.
  • Automatic function of correction of the wake effect.
  • Adaptable to Weaver slides.
  • In fact, the energy of the batteries is not used while at night or in the absence of light, the battery provides energy to LE

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any kind of protection to put on the lenses of the Red Dot?

Some Red Dots come with copper-lenses that have clear plastic screens, and can function as protectors for this purpose. These lens covers are weaker than the lens itself and lend themselves more to prevent them from being scratched or suffering minor damage to that order. This lens covers also, slightly compromise the visual clarity of the aiming system, making it more opaque.

If the lens of the Red Dot breaks, how do you change it?

There are firms specializing in the reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of optical materials. A specialist can handle the maintenance of engineering measurements with a little lamp fixed on a tripod. We hope they solve most of the problems in that regard.

What would be the most recommended Red Dot brand and model?

One of the market leaders in the Red Dot segment is Holosun. There are other manufacturers are intended to serve the more military market with very specific aiming devices such as BURRISTRIJICON with its famous EOTECH and VORTEX.


Holosun HS403A is comparable to the Aim point comp 2 standards. The type of characteristic that differentiates the product dictates the differences in price. The absence of the solar system the possibility of switching is between red dot and circle dot prerogative of the 500 series. Holosun hs403a offers in even more variants the differences are given by the use of the solar system. The ability to switch the type of dot and the housing model used in the upgraded versions model DU / CU. Where the place for upgraded uses, a different type of design for better protection of the adjustment towers. The series offers to have a laser pointer integrated into the dot monocular structure visible green, red pointer, air pointer in different combinations.

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