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How to Adjust Bow Sight For 100% Accuracy [3 Techniques]

A bow sight helps the archer to take accurate shots. It’s a mechanical device that is mounted onto a bow’s riser. The bow sight assists you by telling you where your arrow is pointed. How to adjust bow sight?

Although it is not impossible to shoot a bow without a sight, it is exceedingly difficult – especially when the range is long. All modern compound bows are equipped with some kind of sight.

degital bow sight view

If you combine bow sighting in a compound bow with a peep sight, you can have surprisingly accurate shots even if you are a novice.

A properly adjusted bow sight can be the difference between missing the target and hitting the bull’s-eye. With most sights, you require an Allen wrench to loosen the screws for adjustments.


To start the process of having a properly adjusted bow sight, set up the nock point and fix pin sight.

Now in this situation, you can either shoot with a mechanical release or your fingers. For the purpose of adjusting your bow sight let’s put a target at 10 yards range.

The beginners are very puzzled about how to adjust bow sight!

Pin distance indicator

Focus and aim your pin right in the middle of the bull’s-eye. First, shoot one arrow. Now look and check where it hit the bull’s eye or did the shoot totally miss it, was it low or high?

Wherever it hits the target just leave it there and take the same position again and aim for the center of the bulls-eye again. Now shoot 2 more arrows while aiming for the same target as before.

Now see if the second and third arrows are placed right next to your first arrow.

If they are not right at the center of the bull’s-eye and they all hit the same area then you need to move your pin.


5 pin bow sight image

Now to adjust your bow sight, you should chase the arrow with your pin. Let’s assume that your arrows were striking high above the bull’s-eye.

Hold the bow in front of you and take the position as you take when shooting. Since you were hitting high above the bull’s-eye, use an Allen wrench to loosen the screw and move your pin up on the elevation scale of the sight (in a scenario where you hit below the bull’s-eye, you will need to move your pin down on the elevation scale of the sight).

Some sights are very sensitive and don’t need much movement to change the spot you are hitting on the target while others might require moving off the full housing of the sight to hit the target where you need to hit it.

Gradually move your pin.

Trophy Ridge React H5 in Low Light Conditions

It is also a good idea to mark where you were primarily so when your pin slides easily, you will know where you started from.

Keep shooting and chasing your arrows until you hit the correct elevation.

The next step in your process to adjust bow sight is to move your windage (left or right). Yet again, keep chasing your arrow such as you did with your elevation.

If you are hitting the arrows to the left of the bull’s-eye you will need to move your sight to the left by using the windage scale. (If you were hitting the arrows to the right of the bull’s-eye, you would have needed to move your sight to the right by using the windage scale.)



If your sight has multiple pins, set your top pin for the nearest distance, and the lowest pin for the furthest.

Set your top pin for either 10 yards or 20 yards. If your top pin is 10 yards then the next pin should be 20 yards, then 30 yards and so on.

With this fixed pin set-up, what do you do when you have a target on 15 yards?

In this situation, you will take “gap shoot” on your target, you will take the aim over your target between the space of your 10 and 20 yard pins.

And if you have your target in 18 yards then hold the 20 yard pin just a bit low from the target you are aiming at.

A fixed pin set-up is excellent for hunting as you can have the yardage changed by lowering or raising your bow arm.

Sighting in your bow requires some “guess and check”. You shouldn’t get discouraged if you make incorrect adjustments and struggle to flawlessly align the sight.

Just focus on making good shots and making small adjustments.

For pinpoint accuracy, being able to tune your bow sight correctly is very important, that’s why micro-adjustment on today’s sight has also become a popular feature.

Most of the micro-adjustment system works by loosening a locking screw and that will allow you to turn a knob to adjust your sight either vertically or horizontally. Being capable of adjusting your pins both separately as well as collectively will come in handy while you are trying to get the best out of your bow set up and

get the answer of How to adjust bow sight……

Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight field view


Although micro-adjustment is a great feature, it adds considerable cost to the sight. You are not going to need this feature once you have your bow sighted in and pins locked down. So it’s for you to decide whether the micro-adjust feature is worth it or not.

Another thing you can consider to have a great bow sight is adding a battery-operated light to it. Bow sights mostly come pre-tapped to take a small screw-in light which can help shed light on your sight pins in low light situations. In some conditions, this small accessory can come in handy.

To master accuracy, it is very important that you practice with your bow as often as you can.

As you become more consistent your groups will get smaller. There may even come a spell when you are aiming at the same spot and all the arrows hitting each other.

Choose a small dot to aim at and keep practicing, that way your accuracy will get better. Be consistent with every shot once you discover what works best for you.

Another important thing to remember is, with the closer distance you need greater adjustment to have good results and with further distance, you require smaller adjustment to have good results.

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