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How to Attract Deer With Peanut Butter – Secret Tips | Hunting Hoop

Hunting can be fun and exciting as long as you are getting your catch. As soon as you realize you are not getting your catch, suddenly all your hours of walking seem like a waste.

Hunters will do anything to ensure this does not happen. No one likes to return empty-handed and definitely not the hunters who prepared for weeks for a catch.

To ensure hunter doesn’t have to return empty handed, they have a quite a good number of tricks up their sleeves and most of them are related to getting the catch in the sweet spot or attracting the target near them.

As deer are one of the most commonly hunted species, hunters have found a number of ways to attract them to their range. One of the most common to do that is with peanut butter.

Now, how to attract deer with peanut butter you ask?

Let me answer it for you.

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Things you will need to attract deer with peanut butter

A can, preferably a Coffee can or anything similar to the coffee container would work. But make sure the container has a lid.

Scent-blocking soap. It is exactly as it sounds. This soap blocks scents.

Duct tapes, especially if it’s dark in color.

Drilling machine with a bit.

A piece is of cord or rope around 10 feet long. Make sure the diameter is smaller and not a thick rope that holds ships.

And last but not least, peanut butter of course.


Steps to attract deer with peanut butter

Cleaning the container

First of all, you need a clean container. As mentioned earlier, a coffee can is best or anything like that. Just make sure the container has a lid. Now, start by cleaning the container.

Using scent-blocking soap

To clean the container, you will need soap. It is better if the soap is a scent-blocking one. This way, any smell of the coffee extracts remaining on the can will be blocked and there won’t be any soap scent. To ensure there is no remaining soap scent or coffee scent is very important. If the smell stays with the container, it will disrupt the scent of the peanut butter, which will cause your plan to attract deer with peanut butter to fail.

Paint the container with dark colors or green

After you have cleaned the container, you need to paint the can from outside. Painting the outside of the can in dark color like brown or pale green. This is important because you wouldn’t want the deer to scare off due to the fancy colors on the can. You would want to ensure the can matches the surrounding which is why you are painting it is dark colors or green. Also, you might want to wear a ghillie hood that covers your entire head and neck. It will make you invisible.

Drill the bottom of your coffee can

The next step will be to drill a hole on the bottom. You might need to make two holes.

There are 2 things to pay close attention to. First of all, you need to make sure the diameter of the drill bit is slightly larger than the diameter of the rope or cable. Secondly, you need to make sure the hole is not too large. The hole should be just about a millimeter larger in diameter than the rope diameter. I’ll tell you later why this is so important.

Insert the rope through the hole and tie a knot

You have the 10-foot-long rope with you. Now, insert the rope’s one end to the bottom of the can or container. Now flip that over and pull the rope from inside the can. Tie a simple knot and pull the other end of the rope out. The reason why you need to make sure the hole is no longer than just one millimetre large than the rope is to ensure the knot doesn’t get passed through the hole.

Drill holes on the lid

The next part is to drill a number of small holes on the lid. This is to ensure the smell of the peanut butter gets out of the can.

Put peanut butter inside the can

Pour a whole jar of peanut butter on the can. Make sure it is filled. Otherwise, the smell of the peanut butter won’t spread.

Bind the can with a tree using ropes and duct tapes

There are 2 ways to bind the can to the tree.

The first one is to attach the peanut butter filled can at a right angle to the tree log. In this way, you need to tie the rope around the log and bind them firmly. Make sure the lid part of the can in slightly hanging downwards. Also, the can should be at a level that deer or whatever animal you want to attract can reach it.

Many times, hunter nail the peanut butter can or jar to the log or screw it. It is not advised.

The second way is to hand the can. In this method, you need to tie the other end of the rope to a branch of the tree. However, make sure the can is in reach of the deer.

Between these 2 ways, I would suggest the first one. The second one has a bit disadvantage over the other one. When you hang them upside down from the branch, the peanut butter might drip a lot quicker.

Make sure the smell is reaching out in the neighborhood

The last step is to make sure the smell or scent of the peanut butter is reaching out to the wildlings. The best way to do this is by spreading the peanut butter around the place where the can is placed.

You can do this by sprinkling some of the peanut butter in the leaves of nearby herbs. Or you could just mix peanut butter in water and sprinkle all over the place. But make sure the peanut butter and water mixture is not too thin that it fails to spread the smell. And this is how you attract your catch.

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