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How To Go Hunting For The First Time – Real Life Experience

Millions of years ago, our ancestors used to hunt for survival. I’m pretty sure if I asked any of you if you would like to go back to those days, I would probably be labeled as a psychopath! But hear me out first. Imagine an apocalypse leaves the world barren and utterly devastated. Where do you get food then? If you think Walmart and BestBuy are still going to be open for you, then I’m afraid you’re dead wrong. That’s why today’s article is on How to go hunting for the first time.

If you’re someone like me, who has never even played a hunting video game, let alone go out to hunt for food in real life, then buckle up. This article is for all of you.

Types of Hunting

You can hunt an animal with a gun or a bow. Oh, and that being said, if you’re someone who likes fishing, make sure you have your fishing rod, proper baits, a heavy duty trolling motor and a fishing backpack that serves all your purpose.

So, decide first on which type of hunting you want to proceed with and then dive right into it.

We have a few starter tips only for you.

How To Go Hunting For The First Time:

  • Issue your hunters license:
  • Decide what you want to do
  • Prepare your body and mind
  • Learn your weapon
  • Safety FIRST!
  • Always carry a survival kit
  • Learn to mask your smell
  • Pack Light
  • Scout the area
  • Be patient
  • Practice in the off season
  • Have an after shot plan
  • Stay updated on the weather

Issue your hunters license:

This is the first and most important piece of advice in today’s article. You absolutely must issue your hunters license first. Remember that there are differences between a hunter and a poacher. But the most distinctive difference probably is that poachers are CRIMINALS! Hunters are not. So, don’t be a poacher. Issue your hunters license and hunt within the scopes of law.

Decide what you want to do:

Hunting has variations, too, as stated above. You can hunt with a gun or a bow.

For first-timers, gun hunting is deemed more appropriate as it is easier to maneuver than a bow. It is easier to use, more comfortable to load, and is more accurate if you’re an amateur. With guns, you need only necessary reflexes.

Bowhunting is a more challenging option for amateurs as it requires more finesse and more experience. Though it is a more rewarding experience, it has more challenges for a new hunter. For example, it has less range than a gun and requires point and precision. The chances of making a shot are also meager with a bow. It involves group hunting too.

Now, decide whether want to go bow hunting or gun hunting.

Prepare your body and mind:

Hunting is a discipline and requires yourself to be disciplined as well. That’s why it’s essential to prepare your physique and spirit. Make sure you’re fit and agile before you set out hunting. Clear your mind and try to achieve the ultimate focus and inner peace. A combination of physical and mental health will provide you the extra edge you need while hunting.

Learn your weapon:

You cannot but know the ins and outs of your gun. If it’s a gun, know gun safety rules, and if it’s a bow, similar learning should be done. Know how to operate them smoothly. And if you’re in a fix, know how to handle them properly. Your weapon is your only friend in the wilderness, remember that.

Safety FIRST! :

Remember, nothing is more important than your safety. That being said, don’t try to be a hero and go hunting with no one knowing where you are. Always inform someone about your whereabouts.

Also, remember that your meat is more important than the hunt. If you’re in a tight situation, save yourself first.

Always carry a survival kit:

This is probably another essential tip in today’s article on How to go hunting for the first time. Remember always to pack a wilderness survival kit when you go hunting. Remember that if push comes to shove, you’re going to need some food, water, shelter material, and some signal mechanism to survive in the wild.

Learn to mask your smell:

Animals can smell your musk from over a mile. And your bouquet moves through the air and warns the animals of your presence. So, if you want to get back home with some good loot, make sure you learn how to mask your smell so that animals are unaware of your position.

Pack Light:

Remember that you may need to chase after your prey if needed. And if you’re carrying heavy gear, that’s going to be very difficult. So, don’t go overboard with the equipment. Pack light, stay agile.

Scout the area:

All of your preparation will go to waste if there are no game animals in the area. Therefore, it’s better to scout first. It’s also necessary to find out vantage points, hiding spots, and resting areas.

Be patient:

Don’t assume that you’ll get to start shooting left and right the moment you reach the hunting area. Be very patient. Remember that sometimes it may take months at a stretch to find and hunt your wanted prey.

Practice in the off season:

Keep practicing in the off season. Remember that marksmanship is your most valuable asset while hunting. It is the skill that you’re cashing in to shoot. So, don’t become rusty. Keep practicing even in the off season.

Have an after shot plan:

Make sure that you know what you’re going to do once you’ve taken the shot. Don’t expose yourself to other ferocious animals when looting your prey. Make sure you have a proper plan of transporting the animal after hunting it.

Stay updated on the weather:

This is an essential tip. Always stay updated on the weather. You never know how it may affect your hunting experience. Make sure you don’t get in a fix just because you weren’t updated on the weather.


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