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How To Improve Your Shooting Skills – In 5 Steps | Hunting Hoop

Accuracy doesn’t come with a hefty gun or premium accessories; it takes much more than that.

From practicing to trying out different triggering techniques to proper gun handling skills, everything comes in handy when you want to improve your shooting skills. And since there is literally no solid step-by-step guide on the internet on how to improve your shooting skills, I figured why don’t I write one.

So, here’s the 5 step guide to enhancing your shooting accuracy –

5 Steps To Improve Your Shooting Skills

Step 1 – Improve your firing stance

Before you learn to handle a gun and shoot, you need to fix your posture or stance. The stance is very important because your balance and your ability to handle recoil depend on it.

First of all, you need to ensure your upper body is not leaned behind. Also, your shoulders should not be pushed up to your ears. Relax your shoulders and spread your arm. If you keep your hand wrapped around you, your balance will be compromised.

And lastly, keep your feet grounded tightly to sustain the recoil.

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Step 2 – Practice your Trigger Pull technique

Once you’ve found the right stance, you’ll need to practice pulling the trigger. It might seem like a simple “pull and leave” job but there are other factors to consider. First of all, the grip. The grip is something you people take for granted. If the grip is not firm, pulling the trigger will be as clumsy as a cat on a wire.

As you know already, you need to pull the trigger with your first pad, which means, with your index finger. Also, don’t keep the finger too tight on the trigger. You might need to fire continuously in a combat and holding down the trigger won’t be helping at that situation.

If you want to check whether you are handling the trigger properly or not, there’s one simple way. When you handle the trigger properly, neither your gun nor your hand will move. If it moves when you place your finger on the trigger, you need adjustments.

Besides, to make the transition from positioning your gun to getting your finger to the trigger smoother, you need to practice a lot. Only with practice, can you get the trigger part perfected.

Step 3 – Get the right accessories for your firearm

Now that you’ve practiced and perfected your stance, it’s time you took help from additional accessories.

I am talking mainly about gun sights. Gunsights are a must if you want to increase the accuracy of your shooting.The most common type of gun sights are red dot sights and there are literally hundreds of them. These gun sights differ in shape, construction, reticle color, reticle size and design. Some of the gun sights even offer magnification with other useful features.

Also, depending on the firearm you use, there might be some additional accessories to help you perfect your aim. So, don’t miss out on any tactical opportunity that will help you improve your shooting.

Step 4 – Safety gives you confidence; Know your gun

With “safety”, I am implying everything from gun safety to handling precaution to recoil assessment.

Think about it – if you know your ground (which in this case is the gun), you are more likely to succeed. And this very fact – “you are more likely to succeed” will boost your confidence because you know what to expect. This confidence will drive you towards better performance, which no accessory can offer.

If you are new at professional shooting or hunting, knowing what could go wrong with a gun can give you more control over its use. Also, for a newbie, things like recoil assessment can greatly help in the performance since he will have known how much back-force or recoil, he would get.

Even if you are a pro, having to use a firearm that you didn’t fire with before can be challenging because you don’t know the balance, the weight, the controls and the recoil when performing. So, apart from learning about gun safety, you need to know your gun too. Once you’ve mastered the facts, the confidence boost will help you with performance anxiety or any type of pre-performance disorder.

Step 5 – Practice to master the gun controls

Speaking of mastering, apart from the gun safety and the facts of your firearm, you also need to master the gun control. As you’d expect, mastering the firearm controls is subjective because controls are not the same in all firearms. Controlling or handling a handgun is not similar to handling an AK-47. So, every time you buy a new firearm, you have to go through the learning process or the mastering process all over again.

Only if you master the gun controls and practice with different adjustments and setting, you can know for sure how to handle the firearm and how to improve your shooting skills.

Remember, consistency and repeatability are the two major aspects of marksmanship. Because only if you smoother the trigger transition and improve gun positioning with practice, you could end up as a pro marksman like DC’s Death stroke or Dead shot, minus the “villain”-sens of course.

Bonus tip – Practice Dry Fire

There is no alternative to dry-fire practices. Whether you have a handgun or a Dragunov, dry firing can always sharpen your marksmanship and polish trigger control. Some might say, Dry firing is as valuable as live firing or even more so.


This 5 Step guide and the bonus tip is enough to improve shooting skills for beginners and pros. However, there are some advanced tips that could help pro shooters in combat and in hunting. I’ll talk about those tips someday soon. Till then, make sure to think about my 5 steps to improve shooting skills when you practice. They’ll not only enhance your accuracy but also boost your confidence exponentially. And don’t worry, if you need any further tips and guidance to improve your shooting skills, you’ll get plenty of content on the hunting websites or gun and bow sites where you can learn shooting hack, tips and discover new products on the market.

Till next time, good luck!

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