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How To Shoot With A Red Dot Sight – Important Facts | Hunting Hoop

Red dot sights are popular and there is no denying the fact that hunters and shooters alike love it. It also has its fair share of “questions” that needs answering and some of them need answering from a different perspective. One of the most asked questions is how to shoot with a red dot sight. And as I have mentioned earlier, this question like most other questions related to red dot gun sights can be answered from different perspectives.

Now, before I answer the question, there are a good number of things I need to mention.

First of all, you need to know what do I mean by “how to shoot”. In traditional terms, this could just mean pulling the trigger. But you and I both know this is not what you came here for. So, I am going to talk about everything from setting up the red dot gun sight to actually pulling the trigger.

Now, let’s get started.

Before you Started you must be know How to Adjust a Red Dot Sight User Guide as a Beginner.

How To Shoot With A Red Dot Sight?

Step 1: Mount the red dot sight to your firearm

Let’s start with how to mount your red dot sight to your firearm. You will need a few things to mount the red dot sight to your gun. First of all, you will need an Allen wrench. You will also need a mounting plate. And if you are mounting the gun sight to your handgun, you will require blue Loctite to ensure proper fitting.

Now, if you are mounting the red dot sight on a rifle, undoubtedly the best place to mount it on a rifle is on the top of your rifle’s receiver end. To justify this, there are 2 basic reasons.

The first reason is the place gives the gun sight proper stability and secondly the gun sight at that position balances out the entire thing. Now, you need to make sure the reflex sight is properly attached to your rifle otherwise there is a good chance that your red dot gun sight will move from its position and compromise the accuracy.

Now, about mounting the reflex sight to a handgun, it is slightly difficult than mounting on a rifle. This is because a handgun has comparatively less space for the red dot sight to be mounted compared to the rifles.

To mount the red dot sight on the handgun, you will need a mounting plate and this will replace your rear iron sight.  Also, it is important for the handgun to have its red dot sight attached to it tightly. You can do this by using blue Loctite. Make sure it is the blue one and not the red one. While red ones make it permanent, the blue ones let you adjust the attachment later when you need it.

Step 2: Set your target

The next step towards zeroing would be to set the target. The ideal distance will be 25 yards if there is no magnification.

Don’t consider a distance greater than this because the red dot sights are not known for being a long shooting gun sight.

Red dot sights are known for their faster target acquiring nature. So, any greater distance than 25 yards is not suggested. This is a perfect distance to zero without magnification. But with magnification to the red dot sight, things can be different.

Step 3: Co-witness the gun sight

Co-witnessing your gun is sight important and to do the co-witnessing, you will need a tool. Don’t worry, you won’t need to buy anything. The tool is on your firearm. It is the iron sight I am talking about. It will act as a secondary confirmation for your red dot sight.

Now, look through the optic at your red dot gunsight reticle. When you look through it, you would want it to perfectly line up with the iron post which is at the end of the barrel.

In case it doesn’t sit directly on the top of your gun’s post, you will need to adjust the dot horizontally and vertically until it does fall on the iron sight perfectly. When it is done, you have the red dot sight co-witnessed and ready to be used.

Step 4: Aiming

Once your site is co-witnessed, you can simply put the dot over your target. This is as simple as that.

Step 5: Pull the trigger

Lastly, I shouldn’t have to explain this but you need to pull the trigger to shoot while you have aimed at your target.

Now, before I finish, I think I should answer some of the other frequently asked questions related to the use of red dot gun sights.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use a red dot sight for long-range shooting?

I think I have answered it already but let me answer even further.
The simple answer to this question is “Yes” but it goes way beyond YES. Even though red dot sights are made for faster target acquiring and not for long-range shooting, it still can be used to shoot at a great distance. But it is not possible with just the red dot sight. You will need a magnifier that will go with it and enhance your view.

Do I need batteries?

Generally, the red dot sights are battery-operated. But this battery is long-lasting and you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. However, there are some models that don’t need any batteries at all.

Should I use a red dot sight or Reflex sight?

Answer: To explain any further, I need to clear a few things beforehand.
Actually, red dot sight not a specific type of gun sight. It is a term used for any gun sights that use a red dot. So, when you ask me to compare between a red dot sight and a reflex sight, things get a bit confusing for me because reflex sights are red dot sight. Similarly, the comparison between holographic sight and red dot sight is also wrong because holographic sights are red dot sights.

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