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How To Use A Scope For Long Range Shooting | Hunting Hoop

If you have gone ahead and purchased a brand new scope perfect for long range shooting but have no idea how to get about setting it up for a proper hunt, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will be exploring how to use a scope for long range shooting effectively. However, before starting any of the things mentioned, properly adjust the zero of your scope to ensure that you are firing accurately, and the bullet is headed in the intended direction.

The Quality Of A Scope Defines How Well It Fares On Your Hunting Trip

Once you start to go beyond the iron sights of your gun and targeting things much further ahead of you, will be in need of a good scope to help you with long-range shooting. There are several things to take into consideration when you purchase the perfect long-range scope for your hunting trips. These qualities in scope, define how your hunting experience will go and how you will fare out there regardless of the range from which you are shooting.

The magnifying power of your scope is of great significance

One of the first things and arguably most important is the magnification offered by the scope. If your rifle is not equipped with a scope that allows for proper magnification, you will find yourself grunting at miss shots more often than celebrating. So what can you consider an acceptable magnification degree on your scope?

Scopes come in several magnification powers

To start with, scopes come with different levels of power, and some come with variable powers on their magnification. For example, in the case of a 10 power fixed scope, you can expect it to magnify your image by up to 10 times. In the case of variable scope, the range of magnification is usually written on the scope itself, and in most cases, the range is between 5 and 15.

Going all out on the magnification power of a scope is a rookie mistake that needs to be avoided

Choosing the right scope with the right power for your hunting trip can define how well your hunt goes. Newcomers will often think that the higher the power, the better your chances, however, this is not really the case. A lot can be done with a 10-power scope, and there are a lot more other factors, which affect the quality of the scope and how it fares in the long range. Therefore, hunters and experienced alike, are encouraged to opt for scopes that fit their needs and not go all out on the magnification. As an example, consider the fact that there are scopes out there, which offer up 30 times magnification, such a scope would not be very useful out on a hunting trip, but instead, it would be a detriment to your hunting experience.

The size of the objective lens defines how comfortably and accurately you can shoot

Similar to how you should not go overboard with the magnification power of a scope, you should be wary about the size of the objective lens as well. Although a larger lens allows more light to enter the scope, and thereby makes the image brighter and more vibrant, it can be a major detriment to your hunting experience and accuracy. First off, if the lens is quite big, it will have to be set higher on the rifle. This causes further problems in aiming and drops your accuracy down. Moreover, because the lens is set much higher, you will have to keep your head up higher as well, which makes the experience of using the scope far more uncomfortable than it has to be. Therefore, take great care and read the numbers on your scope as they indicate both the power of magnification, as well as the size of the objective lens. By keeping both of these things within comfortable and effective limits, you are bound to have an enjoyable hunting trip and aim accurately.

In the case of long-range shooting, ensure that your scope uses a medium-sized objective lens. Before firing, ensure that you are holding the rifle comfortably, at a comfortable angle and position and then fire. In case you have a larger objective lens and you are experiencing some discomfort with the shooting. Consider moving the mount up or changing the elevation slightly. Getting comfortable with your scope is important if you want to use it to full effect.

Lens coatings are essential in battling glare and other optical issues

The lens coating used in your scope will further determine how comfortably you can use the scope and how well you can aim with it. With a proper coating cover the lens, your image will not be blurry and remain bright and detailed, making it easier for you to aim. Furthermore, the coating on the lens vastly improves the viewing experience.

There are several types of lens coatings, you should be familiar with, and apply correctly depending on your needs. Firstly, simple coated lenses have a single chemical coating on the objective lens. This reduces glares to some degree. To up the ante, you can get a fully coated lens wherein the outside of the optical surfaces are also coated with the same chemical. To take things even further, there are multi-coating lenses which are a great mix of several chemicals brought together to make multiple layers of coating over the objective lens, thereby drastically improving the quality of the image. Finally, for aficionados, there are fully multi-coated lenses, which, similar to the fully coated lenses, have multi-coat layers on the outside and inside of the lens in the scope.

All of these choices come at a cost, directly proportional to the quality of the image provided. Therefore, depending on your use case, choosing the best one that works for you is the right way to go if you want to properly use your scope for long range shooting.

Remember all these tips on your next hunting trip, and you are bound to have a great experience using your scope for long range shooting.

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  1. A high-quality scope is only as good as the hunter. I appreciate the tips from this article. I think the best tip on here is about battling lens glare with coatings. This is CRITICAL for your hunting trip.


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