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How to Use a Spotting Scope | Guide For Noob | Hunting Hoop

The sport of hunting can seem like a very difficult process if you are a newbie to the hunting world or if you are just unclear of the usage of the resources equipped with hunting.

This goes without saying that there are a lot of hunters who are still confused on how to actually make use of the hunting gears they purchase, mainly the spotting scope.

Firstly, let us get to know what a spotting scope really is. So quite naturally you might think of these handy gears to be more or less just a fancy alternative name given to your usual binocular. But honestly, a spotting scope is so much more than just that.

In appearance, a spotting scope looks similar to a telescope, and they do have sort of the same features a binocular might have. But the difference lies between the functions of these two gadgets.

Tips For Using Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes are designed in a way that provides optimum mobility during day time hunting. You can magnify the image to a great extent without ruining the quality of the image you will be viewing. On top of that, the image you perceive is in greater dimensions so you get to spot a lot more in just one go.

Now that we have cleared that out, let us get right into knowing How to Use a Spotting Scope like an absolute pro hunter!

Location Matters

This should obviously be the first thing you need to check off your hunting list when working with a spotting scope.

Take some time off for a day prior to your actual hunting session to sniff out the right place to set up your hunting spotting scope with the best possible view. Since a hunting spotting scope is sort of “out there”, you will want to find a location that is not exactly too hidden but adequately camouflaged at the same time. Also, depending on the kind of spotting scope you want to purchase, make sure you create a safe and comfortable pathway for the view as well.

The great thing about spotting scopes is that you can also make use of this amazing gear for off land hunting or watching such as birding or just night sky viewing. Hence, as much as the type of spotting scope matters, the location you choose to set it up in can also be a really great factor.

Prepare your spotting scope beforehand

Do not stall in preparing your spotting scope right till you start hunting. Always prepare it beforehand so you can even carry it to your designated area so that it not only saves time but also gives you a head start with your hunting session.

However, if you are unsure of how to set up your hunting spotting scope, get it done with the help of the instructors if you are purchasing your spotting scope from an online store. If you are placing an order online, find someone who has previously done hunting with a spotting scope.

But you probably will not even need to go to such lengths to set up your hunting spotting scope as they do come with a very easy-to-read and understand manual guide user book.

In case that does not work for you either, start with simply just removing the cover from the spotting scope so that the lens is exposed, as well as the eye piece and the controls with it on the sides or above, depending on which model you purchase. Afterwards, just remove the caps from it and you will be good to go.

Get the proper accessories​

As we mentioned before, you can magnify to great lengths with a spotting scope. As pleasant of a feature this may seem to be, it can also lead to quite the frustration if your spotting scope happens to slightly budge or move due to any reason. This in turn will distort the image you will be viewing and trust me, that can possibly ruin your entire hunting process.

To prevent having to deal with tacky visibility issues, it is recommended that you also purchase a good and sturdy tripod for your spotting scope. The probability of your spotting scope view getting blurred out while placed on a strong tripod is really low. On top of that, you can also make better use of your spotting scope by being able to rotate the head and scan an even broader area.

However, make sure the surface for the tripod to be placed on is more or less flat so that you can make the most use of it. Also, if you are someone who is planning to hunt with a spotting scope from inside your car or vehicle of choice, there are plenty of car mounts you can also find on the market.

Target sighting

Probably the most important part of using a spotting scope is for the initial target sighting. All that previous setting up and locating hunting will build up to this.

But sighting a target can be hard work too, especially if you have not used a spotting scope before. But really, it is quite easy too if you just get the hang of it.

Do not magnify and then search for a target as you will not be able to scan the entire area that way. Instead, sight a target then gradually magnify on it so you also get the sharpness and necessary focus on it.

If there happens to be a lot of sun rays annoying your view, simply pull down the sunshades that come with the spotting scope and use the panhandles to span your spotting scope around the entire area.


We hope you had you fun time reading through this article and actually learnt some helpful tips on how to use a spotting scope properly. Hunting is not necessarily a difficult sport, but it can surely be made easier with the right gadget, gears and the right knowledge on how to make the most use of it.

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