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Lone Wolf Hand Climber Reviews | Hunting Hoop

For more than 20 years, the lone wolf hand climber has been dominating in portable tree stand technology innovation.  The company is famous for hunters in providing them with the best tree stands, climbing sticks, and accessories that offer strength, mobility, and silence. The Lone Wolf Hand climber  Assault II is the perfect hang-on stand for hunters that only want the lightest set-up that they can get.

It’s also for those hunters who need to squeeze a stand into tight places.  Weighing in at just 11 lbs, it’s one of the largest and lightest hang-on tree stands in the market today.

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand

  • Platform Size is :26″ x 19.5″ and one-piece cast aluminum
  • Lone wolf hand climber seat size: 14″ x 12″
  • Seat Height: 21″
  • Weighs just 11 pounds!
  • Fits trees 4″ – 22″ in diameter
  • Distinctive 3-D camo platform design
  • Cast Bow Holder assist the most parallel limb bows
  • Includes 6-point Fall Arrest System
  • 350-pound weight rating

Run & Gun Hunting

A run and gun style hunting which is also called a mobile set-up is where the Lone Wolf Hand Climber 2.  Maximum people when they think of portable moving set-ups turn to climber tree stands.  When it’s a great portable set-up, it limits the hunter to set it up only on straight trees.

However, not all regions or areas have straight trees to set up this mobile equipment.  Also, you will need to cut some branches which are sometimes not allowed in public land areas.  But other drawbacks are that it makes disturbance whenever those branches hit the ground, or when you’re sawing them down.  For this reason, some public land does not allow anyone to cut the branches.

Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks

The Lone Wolf climbing sticks have a patented pivoting V bracket which is unlike any of the stands on the market. What this does is that when you got into those situations where you’ve got a tree that’s got some lean to it, or it’s got some twists or undulation to the trunk of that tree.

This V bracket is going to rotate to force itself into two solid points of contact. It converts to a very solid bite on the tree and it’s going to be rock-solid and well made. Those sticks are gonna hang straight even though your tree leans or has some crookedness to it.

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand Physical View

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Hang On Features

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Saddle Hunting is secured with this because it features on the hang-on of the Lone Wolf if you’ve got a leveling system on the post for the cable.  So, if you’ve got a tree that leans back, you can easily adjust the cables to level your platform.

The lone wolf hand climber seat strap also levels to pretend the pitch of your platform.  And probably the most important in this situation is what we call the “offset bracket” or some people call it the “batwing”.

What this little mechanism does is, it allows left to right leveling if you’ve got a tree that leans left to right, you’re gonna offset the bracket to the far two points of the contact.  Whether it’s far too right points or the far to left points of contact.

What’s it going to allow you to do is hang precisely straight even though you have a tree that runs at an angle. So without it being said, this system was fast and efficient.

Lone wolf hand climber top It’s EASY and super quiet to get into almost any situation, which is going to allow you both on your private property, and in public land, scenario to go where you have to go.

And especially in public land, once you’re competing with other guys for the same group of mature deer, they would be stranded on these hardwood ridges watching the deer at a distance. It attaches to your arsenal to where you have all options and chances to take advantage of things.

Why lone wolf tree stand best for you
  • Leanest of the lightweight hang-on tree stands
  • Ability to fit in leaning trees
  • Will attach to almost any type of trees
  • Very easy to set up and hang
  • Feels rock-solid when hung
  • Its platform gives plenty of room to maneuver
  • 350-pound weight limit more than enough for an average adult
  • Extremely quiet
  • Great for run & gun style hunting
  • A bit pricey
lone wolf tree stand Performance


Does this model come with climbing sticks?

No, it does not.  This is just the stand by itself.  The climbing sticks are sold separately.

Does the seat fold out while you’re on your back to make a shelf for your pack to sit on?

No, it doesn’t.  Once you are carrying it the seat post is down, it is likely to open. You would need to clip a pack to the platform.

What is the difference between this model and the Alpha II Model?

The Alpha II weighs 14 lbs. and has a platform dimension of 30×19 ½ inches, while the Assault II  is only 11 lbs. and the platform dimension is 26×19 ½ inches.

Does the Assault II come assembled or you need to assemble it on your own?

Yes, it’s completely assembled.  All you need to do is attach the seat pad and backpack straps and you can already strap it to a tree.

Lone wolf tree stand Differance


If you are into the run & gun style of hunting, you will appreciate the qualities of the Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand.  While climbers are great, their limited ability to be set up on most trees restricts their effectiveness.  To have the Assault II with climbing sticks allows you not to have that problem.

It will get you into almost any tree that you find while hunting. It’s lightweight and platform size makes it easy to set up and maneuver while on the prowl. The solidness when it’s set high up in a tree gives you the feeling of confidence and security.

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