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Nikon M-308 4-16×42 Review | Genuinely A Great Buy | Hunting Hoop

There are numerous rifle scopes on the market, with each of them offering different features. It’s essential to figure out what you need it for before buying one. Rifles scopes allow you to bridge the difference and become a better shooter. If you are looking for a quality scope, the Nikon M308 is genuinely a great buy. In this review, we will be digging into the details and ironing out the product’s features, pros, and cons.

Nikon M-308 4-16×42 BDC 800 (Black)

  • Included M-223 XR Scope Mount-with built-in 20 MOA slope
  • Ultra ClearCoat optical system
  • 1/4-MOA Hand-turn Tactical-Style

The Nikon M308 is a sturdily built scope and comes with Nikoplex Reticle plus an extensive magnification range to help you hit your target as accurately as possible. The lens is optimized for higher caliber rifles and comes with a quick focus eye-piece allowing you to hook your target immediately. 

The multi-coated optical system also offers competitive imaging over other scopes in its class. The M-308 is also fog and waterproof, so even on rainy, foggy days, you’ll still be able to take down that big buck you’ve been tracking all season. 

The Nikon M308 can travel up to 4,655 yards, so If your job demands Forbiddens reaching your target precisely, then this riflescope is for you. 

This riflescope will give AR precision technology for the heavy-caliber large range precision rifle, offering an incredible magnification and optical system. This device will further provide you with perfect shots under all conditions. 

Plus, If you have long been looking for a rifle scope that’s affordable & powerful, then Nikon 308 is an ideal choice for you. It comes with 4′ inches of eye relief, smooth zoom control with 4x zoom-in technology, and more. 

This riflescope will be ready to face any day with heavy snow, rain, wind, and other harsh weather. Plan that next big outdoor adventure knowing you’ll have a scope you can count on.

Nikon M-308 specifications at a glance:

  • The Nikon308 arrives with multi-coated optics to provide you with 95% transmission of light. It works exceptionally well in both low and high light.
  • It’s fit for both day to dusk use and furnishes images with precision.
  • It has a tactical-style turret and 0 resets (zero resets) features.
  • It has a long-range accuracy, which is suitable for long-range use.
  • It’s excellent with hefty calibers, large magnification, and an oversized lens.
  • It features a BDC-800 reticle specifically made for NATO to match rounds with 168-gr.
  • Use it easily with the advanced Nikon Spot-On Ballistic Match Technology.
  • It arrives with a flip-open cover for the lens.
  • Its water, fog, and shock resistance.
  • It comes with a spring-loaded turret with an instant zero-reset.
  • Lifetime warranty on the product
Nikon M-308 all parts info

Nikon M-308: Main Features

Product Looks and Weight

The Nikon M308 16×42 weighs around 18 ounces, which is exceptional for a riflescope. It’s stealthy black using special paint that is high-grade and providing a light sheen. The overall quality is remarkable, but it is a bit heavy. However, the weight is perfect for its sturdiness and size. It also features an M308 removable sticker. 

Image Quality

A quick look through the glass and the image is striking. It will give you sharp and crisp images under all magnification in the daylight. The images have great color, brightness, and contrast, allowing you to look for your target vividly and clearly

The output it gives you is commendable and challenging to find in any other rifle scope at this price. Although, in low light conditions, It’s not advisable to use more zooming power than 10x. It’s common in all scopes that a high magnification suffers from a small exit pupil, and therefore lower light. 

However, adjusting it down to 12x or below is ideal for getting low light capabilities. It offers you a great field of view, plus, it features a very fast focus. It’s a plus for people with eyesight issues. Also, at the endpoint of focus rings, there is a presence of a rubber pad that helps to soften the recoil to the eye!


A magnification of 4-16x is perfect for this price and a bit more than expected. There are also spot-on app/Rapid action Turrets for supporting long-range needs. It’s a multi-purpose scope and suits many uses. However, the magnification is stiff while turning. But the raise it has makes it easy to adjust. It’s not a big issue, but smoother magnification is appreciated.

Nikon M-308 BDC Reticle


For this rifle scope, you get two reticles to choose from:

  • MOA Turrets, BDC800 Reticle
  • Rapid-action Turrets, NikoPlex Reticle 

Both options are good. They will allow you to see clearly and shoot up to 800 yards.

The Reticles

The BDC800 reticle and MOA Turrets feature a much faster shooting experience as no adjustment is needed once the scope is marked zero. This reticle calibrates a trajectory .308 WIN/7.62 NATO round and 168 gain Hollow Point Boat-tail match bullets at 2680 feet/second. It’s suitable for different round types

The NikoPlex, Rapid-action Turret, arrives with a more accurate reticle, comparable to a duplex, allowing you to use all the magnification power eliminating the need to calibrate on your own. However, for varying-range targets, the fire rate will be slow as you will need to adjust your turrets for this range.

Eye Relief

The eye relief is 3.7” by 4”, which is excellent and makes for a better shooting experience. At maximum magnification, the sweet-spot/eye box is relatively small. The eye relief is extendable by using muzzle breaks, recoil pads, and a more diminutive cartridge.


The scope features a parallax adjustment as the side-focus knob, which is appropriate and perfect for long-range scopes. Plus, it’s adjustable in a range of 50 yards to infinity with a knob press locking feature. 

Durability and Warranty

The scope is a sturdy and durable one-piece tube purged with nitrogen and high-quality o-seal. It’s a very rugged and water-ready scope ready to tackle the day or morning due to its fog-proof capabilities. Moreover, It’s water-resistant to withstand 2 meters water depth up to 10 minutes. The scope holds zero exceptionally well. 


The product is well-priced for the features it offers. The quality and functions of this scope make it well worth the money.

  • It arrives with tactical turrets; side focus parallax adjustment adds a nice touch to the product.
  • It’s easy to reset the turrets.
  • The BDC800 reticle is easy to use up to 200 yards.
  • The product includes microfiber cloth, a single-piece mount, and a warranty for a lifetime.
  • The price is affordable.
  • The sweet spot is small at high magnification.
  • SFP Reticle is precise but only at 16x.
Nikon M-308 Mount on my rifle

The Nikon Brand

Nikon is a well-known title when it comes to cameras and optical instruments. Founded in 1917, It’s a leading Japanese optical company. Their lens knowledge and ability to manufacture high-quality sports optics are remarkable. 

They manufacture cameras, binoculars, spotting, and rifle scopes. You can trust the name and the quality they give you, they’ve proven themselves several times over for hunters all around the world. The company is known for the excellence and affordability of its products. 

Things To Consider 


While selecting a rifle scope, magnification is critical. Nearly all people fail at choosing the correct magnification. Some aim (pun intended) for too much, while others go for too little. It’s confusing but necessary to define before making a purchase. 

It’s hugely dependent on the rifle you use. If you need homestead defense or scope for a small game, go for a scope with 1-4x. Even a fixed power scope will be better as it will make your short-range encounter much better.

Objective Lens

The end of the scope has a lens that is called an objective lens. Its size is always at the end of numbers (after x). Example- 3×34 means the lens has a 34mm objective lens. This lens is associated with the clarity and crispness of the image—however, the price increases with the lens size. 

You should know that the Objective lens (OL) is not the win-all feature, so do not look for the one with an enormous OL. Also, don’t choose a large lens as it comes with its cons like smaller scope rings, and may even give away the position due to sunlights’ reflection off the lens.

Lens Coating

Lens coating is a vital consideration before purchase. It’s of various types and is mostly the second characteristic promoted. Multicoated is the best but is available in the following types.

  1. Coated- A budget-friendly package, coats at least one exterior of the scope in a single layer. 
  2. Fully-coated- It’s a standard package, and all the exterior of the glass is coated but in a single layer.
  3. Multicoated- It means covering one surface in several layers.
  4. Fully-multi coated- This coating hugs the scope’s external glass in several layers. You can say that is a luxurious package!


Reticles are the aiming point or crosshair you see. It’d help if you choose wisely as it can make your shooting easy or more difficult, depending on your choice.

  1. Duplex- It’s the simplest and fastest reticle to use—ideal for hunters and target shooters.
  2. Mildot- Go military, Go Mildots! Perfect for shooting critical, life and death-like situations; for example, it’s ideal for you to estimate the target distance in the army.
  3. BDC- This is for long-range shooters. It takes a bit longer but helps to adjust for the bullet-drop. You can rock your long-distance shots with this scope.

Focal Flane

Focal flane is essential so that you can buy the right scope. You get it at an affordable price range, and it will not obscure the view. However, the first focal is beneficial for the long-range shooters.

MOA vs. MARD (Minute of Angle vs Milliradian)

This aspect isn’t as important, but it’s essential to know about it if you are going for a scope. Both MOA and MARD operate interchangeably, just like miles/hour or km/hour. MOA is more popular and simple.


Parallax is not something you want to have! It occurs when the reticle of the scope bobs around with the sniper’s head movement. If left unchecked, It leads to fuzziness and blurriness: smaller the parallax and maximum accuracy.

You can kill parallax in a few ways:

  1. Factory-set- The adjustment for parallax is built-in to the scope. Mostly It’s advertised.
  2. Adjustable objective- AO corrects parallax through a ring present on the objective lens or OL.
  3. Third Turret- This knob is movable and helps in correcting parallax

Eye Relief

The distance between the scope and lens is called the eye-relief. A good ER helps save eye pain and confusion. If you use a weapon of high recoil, more ER is essential and vice versa. An ER of 3.5-4′ inches is suitable for substantial eye relief.


A good rifle scope can make your shooting much more precise and effortless. A scope and a rifle are only as sufficient as the person who pulls the trigger. The right choice is essential, so pick the one which suits your rifle, caliber, and application the best. We have explained in detail the Nikon M308 and its features to you. It has its pros and cons, sure, but it’s overall an excellent scope that is entirely worth the money!

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