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Trijicon SRS Reviews – Sealed Reflex Sight | Hunting Hoop

We have arranged the Trijicon srs review, which is one of the latest optical Trijicon brands. This red dot has eotecht1memories. With a wider optics, it gives a wider field of vision with no tube effects than the t1. The Trijicon Srs view is equipped with dual lighting. It designed for close combat and remains recorded in terms of target acquisition speed and extreme accuracy.  This SRS is the tool with the little red dot, which planed for redefining the system of sight. It has the greatest design of the characteristic body. It allows the disassembly of the shotgun without removing the optics on most AK variants. Thumb redesigned lever closure keeps zero even after repeated re-installation and optical removal.

Trijicon Sealed Reflex Sight 1.75 MOA Red Dot

  • Military use
  • AR-15 rifle
  • Strong survive
  • Shooting
  • Quick target acquisition
  • Simple and robust

From the following Trijicon SRS review

Features For Trijicon Sealed Reflex Sight

  • A lamp illuminates the amber lattice at night or in low light conditions, while the fiber optic device provides ambient illumination at the point of day purpose.
  • Lightweight and Military-grade aluminum alloy body.
  • It allows three different lower supports, with an integral lower rail, forward rail, and rear rail.
  • The positioning of the lower track allows you to perform, as well as left-hand-right for optics must be positioned in the front of the ideal position.
  • The nitrogen SRS structure is completely sealed to be water-submersible to 50 meters.
  • It is also fog-proof, shockproof
  • In the device comes the red dot with a low mount and another high, the typical Allen keys.
  • The LED illuminates with no a battery, but primarily to power-up, the sight battery must be installed to power-up the sight.
  • The AA batteries provide necessary power with at last 3 years lasting opportunity.
  • It has enough levels of intensity the first two levels are for night vision. With the stack just put the point in a perfectly sunny environment.
  • The Short body structure permits for other rail-based devices.
  • It has Anti-reflection sunshade defensive cover for Trijicon SRS optical scope.
  • As you can see in Trijicon srs review, it has to duel powerful sources with an original solar cell.
  • Still has a 28 mm field of view aperture larger than a t1.
  • The SRS uses an AA battery with the support of the photovoltaic plate that prolongs the useful life of the battery.
  • This RED Dot sight contains Dichroic mirror lentils, multi-layered and in real colors.
  • Trijicon optical fiber automatically adjusts the 10-brightness level including three-night vision and contrast of Trijicon gratings compared to real light conditions. It works without the flashlight
  • Reticle: 1.75 MOA red dot for the reflex sight.

Specification For Trijicon Sealed Reflex Sight

  • Model number: SRS02
  • Manufacturer: Trijicon
  • Reticle: Red Dot
  • Reticle Type: Single-Dot
  • Field of View: 75 ft at 100 yards
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • AA batteries
  • Construction: forged and machined 7075-T6 aluminum housing
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Objective: 38 mm
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Adjustments: 75 MOA windage and elevation in 1/2 MOA clicks
  • Finish: hard-anodized matte black
  • Length: 33⁄4″
  • Width: 2½”
  • Height: 27⁄8″
  • Weight: 391 grams
  • It provides Position capability for extreme pole duty.
  • The quickest and most user-friendly view
  • SRS Remains record in terms of acquisition speed of the target and its extreme precision.
  • The reflex view of Trijicon does not have parallax error
  • All the instructions of SRS refer to in its pack so that you can easy to assemble it with no trouble.
  • Its high-tech optical fibers provide ambient lighting to the purpose system.
  • The combination of speed and ultra-resistant body alloy allows the Trijicon srs to be a quality sight.
  • Trijicon srs afford a wonderful view of the target selection.
  • The SRS allows hunters to pull while keeping the two eyes open
  • An undeniable advantage when it comes to covering everything that preserves unlimited fields of vision.
  • With the high mount, you will be very surprised by the ease, speed, and comfort when it comes to aiming.
  • The Precision is optimized thanks to its double illumination reticle.
  • It is a little complicated to see in the view. Keep in mind that the red dot can target to the sky towards the sun, not directly to the sun.
  • Its 391 grams weight seems heavy with mount
  • Older design
  • It has not been re-coated which may contain a little bit of reflection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with dual thumbscrew mount?

Yes, The Sealed Reflex Sight has dual thumbscrew mount.

Is there any options to upgrade the thumbscrew mount?

Yes, you can upgrade thumbscrew mount into the Brobo quick-release mount.

For what is this scope ideal?

It is ideal for quick target acquisition under 50 meters, law enforcement and military applications, the home defense weapon


It is a strong product and an excellent tool to attach to the rifle. The SRS beats you in the range of vision, but against it weighs more than twice as much as the MRO.  You can get the different versions of the SRS is worth different prices. The Trijicon srs review indicates for someone who wants a red dot with a good field of vision. If you are looking for a red dot that does not consume extra battery power Sealed Reflex Sight is a perfect choice. Though SRS is slightly expensive due to is best features.  You can tear up, hit up, drop it in a pond with no losing zero, or place through extreme weather conditions. To conclude, we can say that the scope is the best device to use in target achievement. It presents a clear sight to handle the shooting target in the right place.

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