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What is Snipe Hunting? 3 Tricks For Sniping Your Competition

What is Snipe Hunting? You may have heard of snipe hunting, but what is it? It’s a type of bird hunting that was popularized in the United States during the late 18th century. One would walk through an area with dense vegetation and wait for a snipe to fly by.

The hunter would then strike at the bird quickly with their gun or bow before it could get away again. Snipe hunting became more difficult as areas were cleared for farming and homes, so many abandoned this hobby entirely when firearms became available to them.

hinting hoopWhat Is Snipe Hunting?

Snipe hunting is a popular extracurricular activity for kids in New England, as well as other parts of the United States and Canada. The goal of snipe hunting is to find the elusive bird by using strategy rather than just searching randomly.

To catch one, hunters will use decoys called “snipes” or sometimes they may layout strips of paper that are stuck onto trees with mud on them so it looks like a trail from what would appear to be an escaping snipe leading away from the hunter.

woodsawtoolHow Do You Snipe Hunt?

The game becomes competitive when there is more than one person trying to hunt down their prey at different locations. With multiple hunters, the snipe will only be able to safely escape if their pursuers are not watching.

Your hunting partner will need a shotgun with birdshot cartridges for close shots within ten yards (ten meters) to discourage large birds from swooping down on your position while looking. You will need to use caution when hunting snipe, as it is easy to get turned around in the wetlands and lose your sense of direction.


Wetlands like bogs or coastal marshland that have not been hunted recently.  The site must be large enough for a reasonable number of birds but small enough so you can find them all before they fly away.

This may require locating an un-hunted wetland near where you live if there are none close by. If possible, ask friends or family members who hunt with shotguns what type of area they prefer to look for snipes at home during their own hunts (hint: most hunters want deep water nearby).

Your location should also have no significant elevation change over a large area so you can walk around it without stepping on the snipes.

These wetlands are often located in remote areas with no significant elevation change, and they may have deep water nearby that hunters prefer to look for snipes at home during their own hunts.

Wetlands like bogs or coastal marshland where there has not been much hunting recently are also good places to find them as well.

You want an area of wetland that is large enough for a reasonable number of birds but small enough so you can find all of them before they fly away if possible. Ask friends or family members who hunt what type of place they might recommend looking at home when hunting and snipe themselves.

hinting hoopWhat is Snipe Hunting?

Snipe Hunting Regulations

There are no regulations for snipe hunting in the United States, only restrictions on what you can hunt them with or where you can find them (such as at a place with little elevation).

Some countries do regulate their hunting seasons such as Norway regulating it from November to January.

Norway also has restrictions on what weapons may be used which include shotguns that cannot have an attached magazine capacity larger than three rounds, automatic guns fire less than twenty shots per minute, rifles up to .22 caliber and crossbows must not exceed 160 pounds draw weight.

The U.S.’s season is more lenient but still regulated by state waterfowl managers who set dates.

woodsawtool1.Where to find them:

In the United States, many hunters will head up north hunting snipe though they can be found as far south as Alabama and Georgia typically during migration periods from October through December (though some travel much earlier).

Canada’s main states for snipe include Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan which have vast wetlands available for hunting though it should be noted that no species of this bird are considered endangered or threatened so any restrictions on their availability may vary depending on what country you’re in.

In Norway only shotguns with an attached magazine capacity of less than three rounds, automatic guns firing less than twenty shots per minute or revolvers with a cylinder capacity of less than six rounds are legal.

In England, snipe hunting is only allowed on Sundays from May to September and it’s the season for this type of bird starts in late October; you’ll need permission from your landowner before setting out so be sure to contact them well ahead of time.

woodsawtoolSnipe Hunting Season:

The best time of year for snipe hunting is late October when the birds start appearing in fields and can be seen with a flashlight or headlamp as they fly from place to place, stopping only briefly before continuing onward.

Snipes are small but very fast and because they have such keen hearing and eyesight you’ll have more success catching them by sneaking up behind them rather than approaching directly.

These birds can also be found in the United States many hunters prefer to snipe hunt on their free weekends. The best time of year for snipe hunting is late October when the birds start appearing in fields and can be seen with a flashlight or headlamp as they fly from place to place, stopping only briefly before continuing onward.

woodsawtoolWhat Does a Snipe Look Like

The snipe is a very small bird found throughout the world but its northern populations are declining due to habitat loss and hunting pressure.

One of the few songbirds with camouflage capabilities it can change colors from brown, gray or yellowish green (depending on surroundings) to white in order not to be seen by would-be predators.

The snipe hunts insects at night using an acute sense of hearing when they’re most active during twilight hours.

hinting hoopFlorida Snipe Hunting

The best snipe hunting  WMAs contain wetlands with low cover around the edges, and the banks along Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee and upper St. John’s rivers are traditional snipe hunting hotspots.

Snipes prefer to feed in open areas of wet prairies or marshes that have a layer of tall grasses such as bluestems; they will also inhabit dense vegetation like cattails on iced-over ponds where they can hide from predators while still surveying for food sources.

The birds’ camouflage allows them to blend into their surroundings with ease so you’ll need keen eyesight (or binoculars) to see one before it sees you! But snipes are not the only birds to inhabit these habitats–waders such as sandpipers and other shorebirds will also be present. Great snipe hunts occur in winter when freeze-over ponds or lakes allow this wily bird species to survive by feeding on invertebrates living under ice cover.

hinting hoopGags: Snipe Hunting

Snipe hunting is the most beloved game of all in Scandinavia, but it’s not what you would expect.

It does involve a little bit of long-distance running and some high jumping over streams or creeks, but that’s really just to get your blood pumping for when you finally find snipes — they’re not what I expected either! Instead, think about chasing after someone else who might be sprinting away from you as fast as their legs will carry them.

Now imagine if you are doing this while wearing a large red clown nose with tissue paper wings glued to each side…

hinting hoopF.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)


So, What is Snipe Hunting? Lastly I will say snipe hunting is a fantastic past-time, it’s enjoyable and exciting as well as being healthy and good fun among friends – but remember if you’re planning on taking up this hobby make ​hobby make sure to do your research first and go with an experienced guide.

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