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What to Take When Go For Hunting Trip? | Hunting Hoop

Are you planning a hunting trip? Whether you are a teen or a grown-up, there’s nothing more exciting than planning your very first hunting trip.

When you are planning for a hunting trip, you need to keep in mind that the secret behind a successful hunting trip is how you prepare yourself for it. Because, when you are out hunting, your survival will mostly depend on your hunting backpack. You need to make sure that you have packed every necessary thing and leave out any unnecessary weights. Because sometimes in hunting trips, you will need to hike for a long time carrying your backpack. Carrying unnecessary weights will tire you out easily. On the other hand, forgetting any necessary equipment will put you in danger. That’s why keep in mind, perfect preparation is the key.

So to keep you perfectly prepared for your hunting day, we have listed up all the things that you need to take when going for a hunting trip

Check The Short list For Hunting Trip

Pop-Up Tent:

If you are going on your hunting trip for a few days and that’s your first time hunting, the first thing you need to think about is where you will take rest or spend the night. Pop up tents are very handy for hunting trips. Unlike traditional tents, they are very easy to set up. They come with spring poles that pop up and get set within a minute. When you are buying a tent make sure that you are buying the best pop up tent for camping. A good quality pop up tent may cost a few bucks more, but they are weather resistant and can last a lifetime.


Choosing a good backpack is a must for a hunting trip. Because you will be taking everything you need in that backpack and will be carrying the backpack most of the time throughout your hunting trip. So make sure that your backpack doesn’t have much weight of its own but offers plenty of space for all your stuff. Besides, your backpack should be waterproof and weather-resistant. Some backpacks come with additional waist straps. They decrease the pressure on the shoulder when carrying. So look for all the features when you are buying your hunting backpack.

Hunting License:

The most important thing that you can never leave behind is your hunting license. Forgetting the hunting license can ruin your whole hunting trip. That’s why put your hunting license in a weather resistant and waterproof bag to keep it protected from rain and other stuff.

Hunting Boots:

Most people don’t want to spend much on boots when they go on hunting, which obviously makes them regret later. Cheap boots get easily torn when you are climbing a mountain or walking over a rocky surface. It can lead to such severe injury that it can result in ending your hunting trip forever. That’s why get a pair of boots that are specially made for hunting. So that your feet will stay protected throughout the trip.

Rain Gear:

If your hunting trip will take place in an area where it’s most likely to rain, pack yourself up with necessary rain gears. From rain coats to rain boots, whatever stuff you will be taking in your trip, make sure they are all waterproof.

Trekking Poles:

If you are going hunting in a place where you may have to climb mountains or walk over a slippery surface, you should invest in a good pair of trekking poles. They will support you throughout the trip and ensure your safety.

Range Finder:

When you are hunting, having a range finder will help you to take an ethical shot. Range finders are very small and lightweight. It won’t add much weight to your backpack. So make sure to take a range finder with you.


In hunting trips, lighting are a must. Sometimes you may need to follow an animal in the night. That’s why take a good headlight or flashlight that has 600+ lumens so it can keep the area bright enough for your hunting. You can also use night vision scope for night hunting.


Every hunter should keep a navigation equipment. There is plenty of electric navigation equipment that can help you find your way back to your camp. But on hunting trips, sometimes it may become difficult to find a charging port or your portable battery may die. That’s learning how to read a map and compass is very important for every hunter. You can even print out a picture from Google map of your hunting area and take it with you.

First Aid Kit:

Injuries are no stranger in hunting trips. That’s why you can’t forget to bring your first aid kit with you. First aid kits box doesn’t cost much. But it can be this box that may save your life. So make sure to buy or DIY a first aid kit box with all the necessary medicines, bandages, disinfectants and so on and learn how to use them before going on your trip.


When you are hunting in a new area, it’s easy to lose your way and face any aggressive animal that you can’t tackle alone. Sometimes, there may not be any signal to call out your hunting partners. In such cases, keeping a whistle with you will be of great help. You can blow out the whistle to give a signal to your partners. Also, if you face any aggressive animal, the sound of your whistle will scare it away.

Drinks and Rations:

Pack your bag with enough drinks and foods to cover the whole hunting trip. Try to take foods that are lightweight but provides much calories and energy instead of junk foods. So that your backpack will be light. Take a few extra foods with you that you may use in case of an emergency.


Whether you are hunting in a nearby area or far away, remember that your best asset is your preparation. So pack your bag with all these essentials and keep yourself prepared for anything that comes by in your hunting trip.

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